Neoseeker : News : Fable key developers leave Lionhead to form new studio
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BlackScythe Mar 4, 12
quote malmsteenisgod
I don't think there's anything wrong with the Fable games, in fact I really enjoyed them, but I feel that people are let down by Molyneux's promises of how great the games are going to be. He likes to hype things up, which is understandable, but it'd be nice to see a Fable game that actually lived up to that hype.
Fable 3 went beyond simply disappointing. And with the next outing they are going even further from what they should be.
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RabidChinaGirl Mar 5, 12
To be honest, I do still enjoy the Fable games. The series humorous writing is consistent, and the main story is solid, with characters that I wish we'd see more of. However, I do feel the gameplay and presentation has grown weaker over time.
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