Neoseeker : News : Riot teases new League champion, Nautilus
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baragon600 Feb 8, 12
whats hte picture of tidehunter doin up there?
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ButchSmudge Feb 9, 12
He's a deep sea diver.
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Lorx Feb 9, 12
From what's been teased by his creator on the official forums, this is a rough outline of his skillset:
  • Q - Child of Amumu's Bandage Toss and Blitz's Rocket Grab. If you hit an enemy, they are pulled to you (iffy on this, see below). Terrain (and towers I believe), and you are pulled to it.
  • W - Shield that scales with HP
  • E - "Slow version of Tidehunter's ult, keeping enemies close to you unless they choose to run and get cc'd by the spikes."
    • Have never played him, so I don't know how to interpret that. Xyph did however mention "Explosions!"
  • R - Tidal Burst that follows a target enemy around, dealing damage to anything it hits along the way, if/when it reaches the target, more damage+slow.
This is pulled from this post by the champion's creator and the post he linked.

Other information from the thread: (Source for all of it is Redposts from page 1-30, didn't bother to read on after that) [span class="wikilists"]
  • He's slow
  • Tank
  • When asked whether or not the champ can pull himself to champions, the answer was "Kind of", and later it was hinted at that he could pull enemies to him. So it could be a Blitz pull, or it could be something kind of in-between. It is certain that his Q moves someone else in some form.
  • Jungler, "can top or bottom lane but is not great at it"
  • There's a future skin, the anchor gets turned into some future-mine-pick-thing.
  • All of his moves have AP ratios, one move has an HP ratio.
  • He has a defensive steroid, which makes him hit harder if he is ignored.
    • The shield skill is his defensive steroid
  • When asked what form of CC the champ has, answer was:
    • Root 1
    • Minor Root 2/Pull
    • Slow
    • Minor Knockup/Major Stun
      • Stun is on an AoE, but does not AoE Stun.
  • Uses mana
  • *
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