Neoseeker : News : Nvidia Kepler could outperform Tahiti handily
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Shadow of Death Jan 20, 12
Very impressive performance gains but....Just how expensive is it, is the real question...

That amount of increased performance will undoubtedly come at a premium.
AndrewST | Jan 20, 12
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Vagabond Jan 20, 12
quote AndrewST
Please don't tell me you believe this slide. It is the same slide that was "leaked" back in December, just with game names added to it.
We can't validate the performance on the graph. That is why we use words such as could and rumor in the article. We won't know they exact performance until the graphics card is launched.
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Liege Jan 21, 12
Regardless of its performance in comparison to AMD's latest offerings, I'm going nVidia this time. I've been an ATI/AMD guy for years but their Linux driver support is shameful.

Yeah, comment is only semi-related but whatever. This has been bugging me for some time now.
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