Neoseeker : News : Mortal Kombat confirmed for PS Vita in Spring 2012
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Wakaman Jan 17, 12
Haha sweet,been looking forward to the confirmation.I wonder what these all new features are.
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Boreas Jan 17, 12
*turns off Nintendo fanboyism*
Always wanted to try a Mortal Kombat game, but mobile isn't my preferred choice.
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Alieninvasion11 Jan 17, 12
this pleases me.
I loved the ps3 version, Ermac ftw.
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THM Jan 17, 12
I enjoy the PS3 version a lot with Cyrax, Scorpion and Lui Kang, soon I'll be able to practise a new moves with other characters (such as Baraka on Vita)

P.S. Prince Goro should be on the Vita version...
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Nightmare Samurai Jan 17, 12
Okay... are there any good games on the VITA that aren't just ports from the consoles?
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Ncjpr1993 Jan 18, 12
Excellent. Now Johnny Cage and I can take our acts of ball-punchery to public transportation and beyond. Nonetheless, I am hoping this trend of ports will slow down. It's starting to seem like they only made the vita so powerful so they can make more money off games they already sold.
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