Neoseeker : News : Famitsu: PlayStation Vita launch weekend sales top 321K units
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Gligar Dec 20, 11
even though its behind sales compared to 3DS, i think this will dominate the handheld gaming market
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S-I-E Dec 20, 11
i'm pretty optimistic about this thing aswell. not as in who dominates who but it just feels like a fresh start in the sony handheld market to me. i think that's what alot of people have been waiting for.
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MPA Dec 20, 11
I don't think Sony Vita will beat 3DS which has started almost a year earlier and now in the prime time with amazing titles (like Mario, Zelda) keep coming out plus full backward compatibility for hundreds of classic DS games..

Don't get me wrong, I'm an avid Sony fan, I'll buy it for my birthday in March 2012 Vita needs to have some seriously good games except Uncharted: Golden Abyss and other two or three above-average games...(Ridge Racer perhaps?)

One of the problems Sony PSP have had is the lack of good software (games) throughout its six years time..Lack of support from major 3rd party developers has always been a weakeness of Sony PSP...I don't want that to happen to Vita which is still in its nascent stage waiting for good games to come out in two or three years time ahead...

Three major weakenesses of Sony Vita; in a time of big HD LED screen, 1) it doesn't have an HDMI, 2) no changeable battery (You've got a problem to shut down for freezing issues), 3) the use of proprietary cards (You can't even use Magic Gate Sony memory sticks just like in PSP!)

All in all, the lack of physical backward compatiblity definitely means gamers will have to buy expensive proprietary memory cards to download and play PSP games on Vita; it'll cost an arm and a leg; for 3DS, classic DS games are cheap as chips now in EB and Games.

Having said that, I'll buy a Wi-Fi only model (which is just for trading purpose) just in case for a much better new model in late 2014

Final Verdict: 3DS 8.7: Sony Vita: 7.5
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brett108 Dec 20, 11
I hope the Vita wins this round of dedicated portable gaming.

In my mind, a victory for PS Vita is a win for a handheld that combines the best portable features(touchscreen, dual analog) with the best performance you can get in a handheld(arguably close to current gen consoles).

A win for the 3DS is a win for gimmicks. It is telling places like Hollywood it is okay to up-convert a bad movie and make it look worse, and then charge me an extra $5 to see the thing. It is okay to launch with a massively overpriced system with no launch software and punish your dedicated fans. It is okay to go cheap on the features, because we can crank out a cumbersome peripheral that will add those(the second analog monstrosity).

Nintendo deserves to lose this round in my mind, by taking their fan-base and leadership position for granted. Much like what happened to Sony with the PS3.
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