Neoseeker : News : RIFT gets 'Ashes of History' upgrade pack with new in-game perks
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Lorx Oct 13, 11
Worth noting, Rift is free to play until the 17th, and this weekend is also the "Extra Life" charity event, which Rift is an official part of.

I believe the $10 pack of stuff comes with the base collectors edition of the game in a couple countries, it was originally collectors edition bonus content for a new localized release somewhere, and was opened up to existing players through the $10 pack. There was talk about it from the dev team after it appeared in the Ashes of History update trailer that explained where it came from, when people assumed it was obtainable in-game.
The spider's really cool, has some glow in the dark patches on it and stuff. If I wasn't arachnophobic I would ride it around everywhere for fun.
With the addition of the personal banker, players can now Bank, Mail, "Soul heal", and Shop on the go. Quite a few NPC's. I summoned all the ones I have access to in a dungeon the other day and let them walk around.

Also, there's currently a popularity competition going on that has some cool prizes for the winners. More importantly to average joe's like me, is you get a hat in Rift for simply voting for a person in the competition.
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