Neoseeker : News : Syndicate walkthrough video offers 11 minutes of gameplay
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PuMan Oct 13, 11
Nice! This is quickly becoming my most anticipated game in the coming months.

After seeing this trailer, yes, Parallels between it and Deus Ex are becoming more and more concrete. On the other hand this game seems to handle itself much more maturely. I'm loving the combat, and breaching system. It looks much more fluid, and the DART overlay feels much more intuitive and integrated to the environment.

On that note there are 2 things that worry me. 1st is regenerating health--I'd rather it be treated how they did health in the Riddick games. The other thing is that the graphics don't look completely polished, though I'm assuming they're still gonna work on that in the coming months.

As to whether or not it resembles the original Syndicate: only superficially, I think. I don't believe that's inherently a drawback, though the original concept seems very interesting. Its a shame I never got to play it when it first came out.

In any case I'm definitely looking forward to this game. I love first person combat and it seems this reboot has a great grasp on solid, visceral shooting. On the other hand it also seems to have a lot of momentum going against it, what with being constantly compared to Deus Ex and not being in the same style as the original. Only time will tell.
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chautemoc Oct 13, 11
PuMan Well-said. Thanks for that. Really wish they'd just called this something else; it'd make it easier for the community to take it on its own merits.
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