Neoseeker : News : Ubisoft aims to end Desmond's story with Assassin's Creed in 2012
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Euphoric Oct 3, 11
Sounds like excuses for too wift a development cycle. Maybe they know the game is rushed and are setting the tone. Worrying as a fan of the series.

I mean the big reason I love the games is the story and mythology behind it. For me personally I know I couldn't give too shits if the game time and real time didn't match up. So long as the game came out fully polished.
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THM Oct 3, 11
Yeap...I'm worried that 'Revelations' has been rushed up and doesn't have enough polish...

Brotherhood was, in my opinion, just a gratuitous (story) extension with really mundane storylines...(Do this, do that...and so on)..

All in all, I expect a fully polished game for 'Revelations'...Having said that..I'm gonna read the reviews of AC: Revelations from 'PLAY' and 'GAMEINFORMER', watch 'Good Games' (Aussie game TV program) before I buy it
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