Neoseeker : News : Rift free character transfers and Guild Banks implemented
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NoVa Apache | Jun 27, 11
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Lorx Jun 28, 11
quote NoVa Apache
Take note and do this WoW :3
Good luck with that.

Did a Character Transfer, and it was far less painful than I ever imagined. Chose character, selected shard to move to, done. Quick, effortless.

The change in currencies was huge, they removed a couple, added one, and generally messed with everything considered end-game currency, in a good way.
Special Currency rewards from Expert Dungeons is now separate from Raid Dungeons, which was given a new currency. Removes the need to run content a character is well past, on top of making it so every raid boss defeated gets players closer to new equipment. Raid Bosses drop 5 plaques for everybody, on top of 3-4 pieces of gear, instead of just the gear. Before where 3-4 people were getting lucky and 16-17 were getting screwed, is now more balanced out.
They also removed the special currency given from end-game Zone Invasions, and replaced it with the currency gained from Expert and Raid Rifts, since nobody was doing those invasions due to nothing good coming out of farming the currency. The currency that replaced it is hyper useful.

Guild Bank works as expected, which is all anybody wanted, and makes me very happy to see it.
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