Neoseeker : News : Nintendo remains uninterested in freemium gaming
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Crafter Jun 15, 11
I'm with Nintendo. While some free/cheap games are nice on the side, most of them are complete garbage and definitely not substitutes for the quality full titles developed, especially ones by Nintendo.
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Ohmycaptain Jun 15, 11
I agree with Nintendo as well, I pay for my games because I think it's worth investing my time in an experience that I will remember, and be able to enjoy later. Not some piece of junk I play, get addicted to for an hour, and then have a pop-up saying "Liked this? Pay $3 for this upgrade, $5 for this upgrade, and only $10 for this upgrade!", and then only to spend another hour or two on that game after buying the 'upgrade' or 'expansion' for the 'full game', and have it sit there in my smartphone for a month until I delete it because it's worthless.

Also, microtransaction games SUCK. I've played many MMO's out there with Microtransaction systems, and it's all garbage. While they game is fun in its core, to get ahead you have to pay a pretty penny. You know what? I'd rather pay a subscription so I can be on fair ground with my fellow players, instead of sitting there going "Wow, wish I had $150 to spend so I could get this potion, this armor, and that pet, so I could be useful in combat or beat him in some good old PvP". In my opinion, Guild Wars is the best MMO model out there. Pay $60 once (well, back then $60, probably $60 for GW2), and never pay again. In a few months or a year, buy a nice expansion for like, $20. Also, RuneScape has a great model. Play for free, get tons of content, and for extra content with weekly in-game updates, you pay $6/mo. Not expensive, not unbalanced like Microtransactions, and a good incentive to pay for the game.
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Supernova1332 Jun 15, 11
There are plenty of 'free' microtransaction games that are well balanced, seems you have just had a bad run.

There are plenty that offer good items for money that can also be found/crafted/bought in game. While it may take longer, you've earned it and you've got the skill to prove it over some punk who just bought it with cash.

Not that all are like that but some are. And I'm glad nintendo isn't jumping on the bandwagon. I like the 'one 'n' done' paying
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