Neoseeker : News : X-Men Destiny gets second character reveal, Grant Alexander
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Hyugren May 20, 11
Huh... that's disappointing to say the least. When I first read a preview about the game I was under the impression that the characters had no set mutant ability and that we could pick and choose. I was looking forward to that if I couldn't determine the way my character looked.
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THM May 20, 11
Wow...for the time being, I can't wait for Xmen first class...OMG...January Jones is in it
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Breezy May 22, 11
Hyugren, I read on the official site, that we can pick our own powers that they have listed under three categories.

All Power choices fall under these 3 categories:

1) Energy Manipulation ( Which includes things like telepathy force blasts)

2) Density Control ( Super strength and/or Phasing)

3) Transformation ( Shifting into animal forms or human forms, or as seen in one of the pictures for grant is you can shift parts of your body)

This is what was posted on the site in one of the forums.
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Hyugren May 23, 11
Ah, that clears it up nicely thank you. So it might not be disappointing game I thought it would be.
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