Neoseeker : News : Brink 'Get SMART' fourth installment covers HUD
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Supernova1332 May 3, 11
Not big on the grenade cooldown time. As soon as I let go of one my hand should be free to grab another. Unless there happens to be unlimited nades, but I doubt that.
Loving the amounts of info on the hud though, good for us analytical types
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Just passing by. May 4, 11
@ Supernova1332

Though realistically you should be able to throw another grenade so long as you have more, Splash Damage stated they didn't want grenades to primarily be kill weapons, which they aren't.

"We're trying to get rid of no-skill kills. No air strikes. No grenade spam, all the grenades are on a cooldown. Also, grenades are assist weapons, not kill weapons. They knock you down and make you vulnerable but they don't do that much damage."
- Ed Stern, Lead Writer

Splash Damage is tweaking some mechanics in trade for game balance. It may not sound good to you but surely it's not a gamebreaker.
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Supernova1332 May 4, 11
I didnt say it was necessarily a bad thing as I agree that it kills games, see Combat Arms (other than all of its other problems). But hopefully the wait isn't too long, as you couldnt really tell from the video since it refilled while being paused.

I'm hoping for nades to be as balanced as in CSS, hard to kill with one shot but good enough to take down a fairly wounded enemy.
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