Neoseeker : News : Fourth Mass Effect novel 'Deception' scheduled for release in fall
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Exevier Apr 6, 11
Aw, man. I liked Karpyshyn's work on the other books. Oh well, guess he's busy right now (I know he's working on The Old Republic, but I'm wondering how involved he is with Mass Effect 3. Hmmm).

As for the plot, though, Gillian's a recurring character in the novels. She first pops up in Ascension--which takes place right after ME1--and is mentioned in Retribution--which follows up on the events of ME2. I don't recall if her age was mentioned directly, but she's a little girl in both of them, so I don't think she's supposed to be Jack. Of course, I've always thought their stories were interestingly similar, as she was used as a test subject by Cerberus, due to her high level of biotic power.

That's not to say Bioware didn't change her character over for the games, however, or it'd definitely make sense for their stories to end up somehow intertwined. Either way, good to know the novels are going forward (even if I'm one of the few fanboys nerdy enough to read them haha).
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RabidChinaGirl Apr 6, 11
Exevier We all have our crazy fandoms. I read the Gears novels myself. Haven't quite gotten to Mass Effect.

Your dedication pleases me.
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SPAZwazza Apr 6, 11
Hm. Both authors who also write for Star Wars and I'm not crazy about. I read the Darth Bane trilogy, and something about Karpyshyn's writing style just irks me. Some of his original characters, in particular. Which surprised me, 'cause he was the lead writer on KOTOR, which had an awesome story.

Same with Dietz and the Dark Forces books. It wasn't so much his writing style as didn't seem like he was as familiar, in general, with Star Wars lore as someone writing EU novels should've been.

Hopefully this works out.
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