Neoseeker : News : Mushkin not sold on 25nm flash chips for solid state drives
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Crafter Feb 18, 11
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looking to ramp up to an even smaller 25-nanometers.
An odd figure of speech for the situation

Also, Mushkin is one of my favoured companies. They make quality parts that I'd recommend to friends. It's also good to see them doing what might be best for consumers and not just themselves.
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Shadow of Death Feb 19, 11
Size isn't the biggest issue though (unless we're talking like 1/10th or worse compared to 34nm processes). No, it's the 'program erase cycles'. If I'm reading that right, that means the SSD doesn't have the longevity of current SSDs. That'd be fine if it was still like a decade, but I think SSDs can have memory issues after a time and require re-flashing or something?
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