Neoseeker : News : Schwarzenegger vs EMA hearings provoke hilarious, logical refutations from judges
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Ultimaodin Nov 3, 10
In Australia this would be great as at the current stage in time anything for adults only aka anything R rated gets banned altogether! Really sucks.
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RabidChinaGirl Nov 3, 10
I freaking laughed out loud at the bit about the Vulcan.
quote Justice Sotomayer
Is that covered by your act? Because they haven't been maimed and killed forever. Just temporarily.
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Shadow of Death Nov 3, 10
Definitely a bit of funnies in there no?

quote Justice Scalia
That same argument could have been made when movies first came out. They could have said, oh, we've had violence in Grimm's fairy tales, but we've never had it live on the screen. I mean, every time there's a new technology, you can make that argument.
That's what I've been saying. Dood (or doodette?) just went and pretty much said "Get with the times!".
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THM Nov 3, 10
When the people in government institutions gonna learn that violence does not derive from video games but perceptibly comes from social, political, and economic systems that a particular country is using....
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