Neoseeker : News : Gabe Belmont fends off the uglies in latest Lords of Shadow screenshots
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THM Sep 17, 10
I'm a long-time fan of Castlevania Saga...So I hope this will bring back the true fun of action and RPG aspects of Castlevania games that I so fondly still remember...

P.S. Circle of the Moon, Aria of Sorrow, Harmony of Dissonance, Lament of Sorrow, Symphony of the Night; all were great and enjoyable to play...I hope HD remakes of those games will be made in the near future!!!!
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Kudzuka Sep 18, 10
Well you're probably going to be let down, the game takes it's inspiration from the pre-Symphony of the Night era CV games and the modern action game world at large.

Think Super Castlevania IV.
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Hellfire29 Sep 21, 10
Wow, I read that as North Armenia...
This is a new way of misreading things.
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