Neoseeker : News : StarCraft II v1.1 patch bringing balance changes
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nn11x3 Aug 29, 10
Wow, not excited about the changes... but we'll see how they play out.
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Spark Aug 29, 10
looks like only small changes
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Vagabond Aug 29, 10
With the tanks and the Battlecruiser having reduced damage I can foresee mass amount of ground troops dominating the Terran games.
The Reaper build does make sense though, because people who are new to the game have a hard time defending against the early Reaper rush.
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DiamondMaster11 Aug 29, 10
I agree with the Reaper build time being increased a bit, as Reaper rushes can be incredibly devastating to a new player, so this gives a bit more time to prepare. I also agree with the Map and Gameplay changes, but everything else is just a bad idea in my opinion. Ultralisks were already bad, and nerfing them just makes it even worse. Especially removing Ram. Ultralisks are gonna take a day and a half to chomp through a building now. And Siege Tanks were fine with their attack before. Now they cant even kill a marine with a volley. I'm pretty sure a tank should be able to blow up a measely marine, under and circumstances.
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LSG Aug 30, 10
Ultralisks actually do MORE damage with thier normal attack then the ram. This is because ram takes much longer then the normal attack so in the same amount of time it takes for an ultra to ram twice, they could have normal attacked several times more.
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Aulis Vaara Aug 30, 10
May I point out that a few things were copied incorrectly?

Siege Tanks will do 50 damage vs armored (+15) and the upgrades will be +2 against non-armored and +3 against armored.

Anyway, Blizzard missed the ball here, at least according to us Europeans (yes, I'm one who thinks so). Even if it takes half a minute more for a Reaper rush to come to your workers, they'll still be in and out before your units get there (well, depending on the map). With the build time increase for Zealots, you're not even better off. You should just go for a Stalker immediately and forget the Zealots.

There's no nerf to the Marauder, which is basically the biggest gripe I have seen people have with PvT. Terran doesn't get a research cost increase across the board, which it really deserves, I think. Most Protoss upgrades are 200/200, many Terran upgrades don't even come close. What's worse, the Protoss upgrades are really needed, Colossi without range is just plain useless, as it has the same range as Marauders. Terran upgrades on the other hand, are just icing on the cake, most of the time: Thors are mighty, with or without their upgrade.

Oh, and Planet Scan makes Dark Templar completely useless. One special expensive building, that you never ever build, because Terrans can simply turn on their scan and nullify any advantage they had.

Well, I'm a Protoss player, and PvZ is pretty balanced (though good luck cranking out a Zealot to defend against a 6pool after this patch), so Terran is my main irritation.

PS:: LSG, ram did the same damage as their regular attack, but no splash... That's why it was removed. It was just pointless. I do agree they need a buff though, but then again, I think Zerg needs a complete do-over.
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Chris Sep 10, 10
BC'S are impossible to mass quickly, I hardly ever see them used, and if you enemy sees you mass even one, they mass Kings/voids/Phx's and kite the BCs all day because they are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SLOW.

BCS need a buff vs air and a nerf vs ground ( i could see that )
I think all air should be nerfed vs ground, voids are excessively fast to get and in movement speed.... honestly if it came down to having 10 crusers or 10 voids.... id pick the 10 voids because they are more versatile.
The 10 cruisers are going to get kited by everything... you will lose them eventually ... they might take down a base but after you will lose them and you will have no$ left over to recover... 10 kings will fly into your base and destroy you after laughing at your cruisers.

The only way mass cruisers is good is 3/3 + Yamato and in a company of about 12 - 15... thats when they start to get imba and people run for the hills...

But the cost for doing that... is sooooo you pretty much need 3 + expos with 18 scvs on gas.... To tech + mass ... the gas is just prohibitive.

IF cruisers receive a nerf then the attack range of voids needs to be cut in half... or the speed at which they move with the upgrade.

Zealots are very situational... better off mass stalkers/voids/ DT vs troops... just 5 DTs can down a main faster than the enemy can blink an eye... their damage is insane.
zerg is the weakest all around but to me they have by far the most useful air units.
Mutas with their speed can bring a players rampage to a halt and put them on an unsurvivable defensive stance.... they are so fast and all terran mecha is cripplingly slow.

What I think would balance out the game to a key would be:
1) Terran Reaper build time +5s.
2) Toss Cannon build time + 10s.
3) Zerg Queen needs more health.
4) Terran Turrets need more hp/ maybe faster build time.
5) Toss Void Ray Speed upgrade removed
6) ALL AIR damage should be cut a few points... with the exception of Banshee since it can only attack ground.
7) Zerg Tunnel should be cheaper... its a cool idea and would help them out...
8) Tanks damage should be reduced slightly but a handfull of tanks in siege mode... should still be able to down an army of troops rushing for them to some extent.
9)Banelings... there should be time to escape this damn things range... you cant get away from them and they do insane damage vs buildings.... but i dont mind them so much ... just a reall annoyance and abused alot in combination with cheesy tactics... there are tactics that are simply un counterable... proxy + cannon rush in conjunction with droves of banelings.... it just locks down players into a self destructive defensive stance.
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