Neoseeker : News : Elemental beta journals Pt. 2: War & peace
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Twohawks Aug 13, 10
I have been testing this game since beta 3, all i can say is wow... Think of Baldur's Gate meet's Civ 5.. This TBS fantasy game has the potential to be the next big thing in strategy games. Set in Stardok's CEO Brad Wardell's fantasy world, Story work flushed out in a fascinating partnership with Random House writers, promise's a rich detail world with many potential ways to victory.. Added to this Stardock is shipping the game with an variety of modder friendly tool set (including sharing trough impulse's reactor), 2 promised content updates in the first 60 days, and 2 expansions in the back ground. We may be playing this game in one form or another for years!
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