Neoseeker : News : Medal of Honor LE includes Battlefield 3 beta access, unlikely PC exclusive
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fudgeboy Jul 30, 10
dear lord you dont know how disappointed i will be if this is on consoles as well.

also what ever happened to BF 1943 for PC?
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Haha Jul 31, 10
Haha....the golden question.
When/ Where/ What ever happened to Battlefield 1943 PC ?
What else do they want?
Low sales : they've expanded to consoles. They're succesful in that.
Pirates : Battlefield 1943 is multi player only. So where is the PC version?
No PC Bad Company 1 and the unknown fate of 1943 PC does give you a clear picture on how EA view PC gamers. I will buy the new Medal of Honour for the PC but somehow I think I'll have a bitter taste in my gaming experience if it turns out to be a great game. Unless it has a horrible restrictive draconian DRM, in which case I'll immediately say no thanks.
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Bean007 Jul 31, 10
Except the 1st Battlefield which was 1942 Battlefield 2 wasn't a exclusive cause it came out on Xbox 360. And as long as they don't screw it up and make a rip of the console version then how cares if it's exclusive or not. Just make it like a freaking PC game.
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Capsilus Aug 3, 10
I will pre-order Medal of Honor not because I will ever play it, thank you very much I have BBC2 if I want to play on little tiny maps with 32 players. I will however pay $60 just so I can get a Battlefield 3 beta key. And please for the love of god make this PC only as I cant stand consoles and I don't mind buying a new video card every year and running the latest hardware.
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