Neoseeker : News : Netflix streaming to Canada this fall
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Michael K Jul 19, 10
Streaming has been around for the last ten years. This isn't news or new technology. Streaming doesn't compare to DVD or Blu Ray. While all the distribution companies scavenge the focus is taken off the real enemy which is piracy. Blame all the crappy movies out right now on piracy. For those that are downloading movies for free and music you may end up with no industry in the next few years because people don't work for free.
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Supernova1332 Jul 19, 10
He didnt say it was new but having the largest pay to play movies company extend their reach to canada is indeed news. Whether you're interested is another thing all together.
You can't blame just the crappy movies for piracy, you have to blame the people like me who download them and the people that rip them in the first place.
Movies and music are in hard times, relatively speaking, but aren't in imminent danger by any means quite yet.
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Ted Rogers Jul 19, 10
RE: Netflix streaming coming to Canada - Great, Rogers wins, Bell wins w/ data caps paying their bills , while you get dinged twice.
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Hellfire29 Jul 19, 10
Why are you all complaining so much about data caps? This is the norm in other places in the world, such as Australia.
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