Neoseeker : News : Lord of the Rings Online to become free-to-play this fall
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Sufu Jun 5, 10
It boggles my mind why ftp games end up making more money than ptp games. If the game is worth it, I'll pay the subscription fee. Just don't label the game as free and then make the game worthless to play if you don't use money (ie. give money payers in-game advantages just because they pay money). If it's a ptp game, That's fine. If it's ftp, keep it ftp and free-to-enjoy.
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malmsteenisgod Jun 5, 10
I just started playing Lotro about 2 weeks ago, so I'm kind of disappointed to hear about this now. I think it will be nice to finally get some of my friends to play Lotro with me though.
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