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bruceleethree May 7, 10
quote walnuts
TBH though, how do you improve perfection? Starcraft, and more importantly Brood War, was so well balanced that it is still the preminent RTS to this date in my humble opinion. If it was perfect the first time around, why mess around with the game mechanics the second time? It's all downhill if you start messing with the game mechanics on such a perfect game.

I just don't understand why people say that 'Oh, it's not that much different to the original'. Wasn't the original awesome? If so, then this would be in the same category, no?
Dear sir, shall we bring back the Apollo space rocket for our next mission since it was perfect enough to get us to the moon and back?

There is something called modernization, there are a lot of new RTS that have innovated the genre and made certain mechanics a standard that SC2 does not utilize. See supreme commander 2, RUSE, Total War etc...

How could anyone agree 10 years is worth only refinements when gaming generations occur every 5 and new blockbusters occur every 2.

10 years begets an experience that brings the genre forward and doesnt sit on the fact that it was perfect in 1998. I'm sorry peoples tastes have evolved, perfection in 1998 is not perfection in 2010 or 2011, the Apollo spacecraft is not appropriate at all for 2010.

Do I get a cookie now?

edit: and sorry to bring Avatar into this but I must - it took 15 years to "write" it he says, and what we got was at the minimum forgettable characters and dialog and at the most the most overrated Sci-Fi film ever. time =/= quality I think SC2 took so long because they couldnt think of anything new. But they wanted money so the green light went on. hello hollywood.
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walnuts May 7, 10
The Apollo spacecraft was not perfect though, it damn broke on half dozen occassions.

Those games you mentioned, whilst excellent games, do not even make the list of greatest franchises of all time, whereas a game that is 12 years old does. In fact, as far as I can see, it is the ONLY RTS to be on that list. All these years later and it is STILL considered the best RTS ever.

You'd be stupid to tinker with such an award winning formula as that!

As for your disgruntlement as to why it took them 10+ years to bring them out without any major mechanical changes in the game. Well, maybe they're not interested in flooding the market like other franchises (CoD, Guitar Hero etc). Maybe, throughout those 10 years, they've been doing their research and, shock horror, decided that the current formula is just too great to mess with. Doesn't mean that they didn't think about it though, which is what you seem to be insinuating.
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THM May 7, 10
Hee Hee...I like the photo, so I've saved it to display it on my new LED backlit screen netbook:)
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