Neoseeker : News : NBA 2K10 1.1 PC patch released [Update]
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monkey_ninjas316 Mar 20, 10
My goodness, I don't own this game for the PC but thats ridiculous that all those things needed to be fixed after the game is released. Some of these fixes should not have been needed in the first place!
"- The CPU should no longer pass the ball to a teammate when the recipient has a foot out of bounds."
Are you freakin kidding me!?!?!?
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bruceleethree Mar 21, 10
Ya monkey, thousands of us duped customers have vocalized this outrage for months. IT's 56MB after 5 months, they should be ashamed.

It's not even out on Steam yet, the update.

2K sports = laziest developers in the biz currently
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