Neoseeker : News : Alan Wake "not suited" to PC, says Microsoft, canceled
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MorfeuZ Mar 4, 10
The truth is that M$ is pulling the strings behind the scenes to downplay games for PC. It's simple, they need to give a good reason for people to go buy their outdated exclusive hardware(360).

If nowadays a $500 is more capable then the console, can you imagine this two years from now? That's what M$ is fearing IMO.

And now that Windows apparently doesnt need pc gaming market frackfest (Vista & DX10) cause Windows 7 is selling very well AFAIK, all pc gamers are getting screwed (more then b4).

I fracking hate this company bullcrap.
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Martin Mar 3, 10
Next thing they will say is that Windows is not suited for PCs...

I dont mine exclusives for PS3 or Xbox 360 but the fact is this was coming to PC, it had a lot of media and promotion on PC, DX10, quad-core.

And after a long wait and hyping up alot of PC users with it...they just drop it with a totally weak excuse? fail...
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bobster Feb 25, 10
What dunces!
Irony is that the more games that MS block on the PC, the less reason there is to choose a PC over a Mac!!

Does the left hand know (or care) what the right hand does at MS??

Maybe they're trying to make up for their future humiliation when its revealed that Natal doesn't actually work? (well, its racist: it only works for white people! (sometimes)) :~O
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D-G Feb 24, 10
There is, yes, I tried it out. It emulates PS2 hardware fine, but it's not properly compatible with the games. I tried out my copy of Final Fantasy X. I had hoped to download a game save and fight the Dark Aeons, since I couldn't be bothered when I played it on the PS2 and I lost my save... >_<

The game runs but lags during combat, and REALLY REALLY lags during FMV scenes. It's like watching a freeze frame stop motion animation.

And that was, at the time at least, the game that runs the BEST on it.
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Moonset Feb 23, 10
Lol Northern, I think that by being an "ignorant console consumer" a majority of people are buying something that is easier to take care of and has more games available on it, as we're seeing here.

jdj:...World of Warcraft doesn't take much to all.

DG: There is a properly working PS2 emulator on PC.
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D-G Feb 22, 10
Ahem. World of Warcraft? Since when does that need a good pc to play?

An expensive PC is required when you're playing things like Crysis or STALKER.

Even with a Core 2 Duo and 8800GTX graphics card, I still can't use the Global Illumination function in STALKER without framerate problems.

I'm tempted to try the game again when I get my NEW system. Still planning it at the moment but it'll probably be a Corei5 processor and an Nvidia GF100 graphics card. I wonder if THAT will be able to do it.

By the way, I only just noticed a certain post in this discussion...

Xbox360 emulator on the PC?

Are you nuts? There's not even a properly working PS2 emulator on the PC yet.
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jdj1976 Feb 17, 10
You are forgetting that is one of the highlights’ of a console is not being upgradable

When you go buy a ps3/360 game you don’t have to check to make sure your system can run it

And also you don’t need to spend 2.000 on a pc to play games

A friend of mine wanted a pc that could play games we went to Wal-Mart bought a $360 dollar emachines

Put in another gig of ram and a video card and he’s been playing games on it whit no problems

I copied my wow account to his hard drive and went strolling thru dalaran and it was moving nicely

And the best part is if anything goes wrong he has 1 year warranty whit emachines and an extended 2 years from Wal-Mart
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VeGiTAX2 Feb 15, 10

I was just happy someone mentioned the classic pitfall of MS. Although with Halo 2 on Vista their excuses made absolutely no sense claiming that they needed the power of the OS and DX10 to run the game.

It's annoying not to have the game at launch, having to wait 6-8 months for the potential converters to get a 360 just bugs. I'm not planning to buy another one just for kicks, people just want the game already.
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Spark Feb 15, 10
Overall, consoles last longer usually(360 has been running now since late 05 or sometime in 06 i think) and it isn't going away soon. Also a lot cheaper, so most people don't see a need to get a computer besides PC only games, which I can only remember some RPGs that are like that. only reason I have a $400 dollar gaming PC is for stuff like world of warcraft and torchlight
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D-G Feb 14, 10
quote Ded Valve
Consoles are cheaper to manufacture, easier to market, I mean look at the wii. It's the perfect example of having the most sales whilst having the weakest hardware.
The Wii would be cheap to make, yes, because it's basically a Gamecube in a new box with a fancy pointing device added.

The PS3 on the other hand is so goddam expensive to make that I hear all the actual PS3 consoles are sold AT A LOSS. Despite how amazingly expensive they are, they don't make Sony any money until games are bought as well.

It's true that a high-end PC is more expensive than all the current consoles added together, but here's the thing...

A console cannot be upgraded. You just have to buy the next generation of console. And it'll be super expensive again.

With a PC, you can buy a £300 graphics card, and it'll last you about 3-4 years. My 8800GTX has already lasted that long and is still happily working on games at insane resolutions. Most recent was Mass Effect on full graphics settings at 2560x1560 resolution. (Or something similar)

When that graphics card is no longer good enough, you can trade it in/sell it on Ebay and recover some of the price. Then use the money to help you buy a new one to last you another 3 years. In comparison, if you went to buy a PS3 and sold your PS2 on Ebay, you'd:

A. Get a crap price for it.
B. Lose your ability to play PS2 games, unless you were one of the people lucky enough to get the original PS3 model that actually had PS2 hardware in it!
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Zombie OvErKiLl Feb 14, 10
Wasn't really interested in Alan Wake. Hell, I haven't even heard about it uptil now, but It's still sad to see another PC game go, especially for a shitty reason like that.
Never thought I would agree with Hitler for the most part either.
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Northern49 Feb 14, 10
It's much cheaper to hire someone to customize/build your computer for you than it is to purchase from Dell or HP, who's job isn't to make computers, it's to buy parts and charge you 500 dollars extra just for putting together a computer for you. A computer that includes a Dell motherboard that is specifically designed to only be compatible with Dell hardware, making in virturally impossible to upgrade, hence forcing you to buy yet another Dell computer at full price.

A PC is an investment. When I upgrade to outmatch the next next-gen playstaion or xbox, it'll likely cost LESS than the price of the new console. Mainly because I'm only upgrading what needs to be upgraded. The disc drive and hard drives do not need to be replaced. By being an ignorant console consumer (which I'll admit not all people who own consoles are ignorant), you're spending more money by being tricked into spending more for a product than the product is actually worth. Just look at how much Wii owners spend on peripherals. By being an open console, you're not limited to what the manufacturer provides. Any company can make peripherals for the PC and therefor there is competition, keeping prices low and product quality high.

Frankly I'm tired of the 'too expensive' excuse. 'too ignorant' is more appropriate, especially when their only perception of the cost of a PC comes from a Dell or HP website. Although, I can sympathize with laptop owners, as those are virturally impossible to customize or upgrade, hence they are at the mercy of these conglomerate monopolies.
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bakagami Feb 14, 10

I figured my reference to Gears of War & Halo were obvious & didn't need to be said.

at least w/ Heavy Rain we weren't teased for several years before having the rug pulled out from under us. I know it once was supposed to come out for the PC but it has long since been a PS3 exclusive. Not a shameless marketing trick keeping PC owners interested till the last minute in an attempt to force them into buying a console they would otherwise not want
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VeGiTAX2 Feb 13, 10
Actually it's general myths that keep consumers at bay. Thinking they need a $1000 cpu and $500 video card.

Fact is, that same CPU and Mobo combo for $99 and that $99 video card can pull pretty much every game fine. If people weren't so busy trying to keep up it wouldn't run them an arm and a leg.
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