Neoseeker : News : FIFA Soccer 10 now available in North America
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THM Oct 20, 09
I would have bought FIFA 10 if EA had made goal-scoring easier for amateurs...

Besides, the rating of FIFA 10 is better than PES 10, but I can't decide which one will be suitable for me...
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fudgeboy Oct 20, 09
goal scoring isnt meant to be easy! its meant to be a challenge!
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Northern49 Oct 21, 09
Quit your bitching, THM. Practice makes perfect. How would you feel if no matter how much you played a game, any amateur noob to the game could school you? That's not fair. How about super smash brothers? Let's just take out all of the other skills and just have jumping and punching. That'll make it fair... If you want skill handed to you like a toddler, you don't play games designed for people who enjoy challenging themselves and competition. (IT'S A *bleep*ING SPORTS GAME), not mario kart.
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