Neoseeker : News : Nippon Ichi won't "Westernise" games to win over global markets
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kik36 Sep 28, 09
I think they have the right idea. I don't want to see the market flooded with westernized gaming only; anymore than I would want to see the market flooded with JRPGs.
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Shadow of Death Sep 29, 09
Yeah. What's the point of importing a JRPG if you take the 'J' out of it?

The Disgaea (and similar type) games are great as they are. Do wish they'd pick up better Voice Actors though. Disgaea PS2 did a great job, but the subsequent disgaea games and the ports have 'meh' voice work....

They're a low budget developer/importer though. Heck, avoiding the localization process saves them money anyway. Just some English text, subtitles and voice work is all they need.

This is actually much like the localization process with anime. The more serious anime fans tend to favor true-to-source subtitles (cultural references and all), over localized scripts.
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