Neoseeker : News : Michael Jackson's death disrupts some major websites
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bruceleethree Jun 28, 09
My argument against Guns is they were no where near the talent of Nirvana. Its no joke that their third album surpassed their 1st and 2nd, maybe not in sales but in quality for sure.

So what would the fourth had been? Maybe a bigger success than Nevermind!
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kspiess Jun 30, 09
I'm not so sure about Cobain's/Nirvana's chances of continued success either. Cobain was talented but he was thoroughly, 100% grunge . Once grunge music's popularity was destined to fade, and once Cobain perhaps mellowed out after getting older, I can't imagine what he would be singing about.

It is possible but that he'd invent himself into a new genre, but I don't know. But this all moot I guess, because he was such a junkie that there wasn't much chance he was going to get old anyways.
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sonyandnintendorule Jul 21, 09
srsly off topic but this article has the most comments

anyway R.I.P MJ
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