Neoseeker : News : EA announces 100 millionth creation in Spore
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Pokemon cheater May 4, 09
Wow. That's a pretty good accomplishment. I'm sure the founder would be proud.
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Shadow of Death May 5, 09
Doesn't everyone find it absolutely hilarious/ironic that what seems like 9 out of 10 promotions from game/console companies offer (as applies to the company) another copy of the game, or a console?

Microsoft "Hey, you used a 360 and a copy of gears of War to win contest XXXXX, so here is another 360 and copy of gears of war....Maybe....Use them as a coffee table and coaster combo or something?"

While sometimes the console/game prize is specially themed/unique/rare/etc, it isn't always.

Now, on topic, 100 million creatures is a lot, too bad probably 99% of them are either generic, or carbon clones of other creations, or genitalia/boobies XD
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