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kik36 Apr 6, 09
I agree wholeheartedly. I look forward to DLC for games such as Burnout, and would pick up every single Fallout DLC IF it was available on PS3 Most of the others so far have been rip-offs though. And it's not just prone to the 360 or PS3 either.

Square Enix released Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As King on Wii ware that had some pretty atrocious DLC at ridiculous prices. The game wasn't even that great, but if you want some extra costumes you better fork over the $$$.

I think that Rockband and Guitar Hero are the ones helping to drive the DLC market into the dirt. They seem to be leading the way with overpriced garbage. But people buy it, and other companies take note.
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chautemoc Apr 7, 09
DLC should be extra content added on to an already undoubtedly full game.

Honestly I have a problem with the Mirror's Edge DLC too. It's an amazing game unto itself but would feel more "full" and worth the price of admission for more people if the time trial packs were included, or alternately if the game was priced 10 bucks cheaper and the DLC released to fill in the gap when ready. I mean..60 bucks is a lot for a (roughly) 10 hour game, though damn it's fun to replay..

Agree with always, vote with your wallet. It's as much our fault as it is theirs. Still, its unfortunate how many developers turn out to be more capitalist than people who just love games and want to make a decent living making them (there is a difference).
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