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Tuesday, Jul 7

Mighty No. 9 live-action movie announced, follow Beck and Call on the (digital) big screen

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Streaming to a home theater near you

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Anyone who has visited a gaming site over the last two years knows about Mighty No. 9, Keiji Inafune's spiritual successor to his previous hit series, Mega Man. Today, Inafune revealed that the new project will be receiving a live-action movie adaptation created by Legendary Digital Media, Contradiction Films, and comcept Inc. Yes, the 2.5D platforming title, with its cartoon graphics and futuristic weaponry, will somehow go live-action with actors if we're all reading this right.

Mighty No. 9 is the story of Beck, the ninth in a series of androids called the Mighty Numbers. Beck and his companion, Call, must work together to stop a virus that is infecting all other robots -- including the remaining Mighty Numbers -- around the world. A plot like that is good for the simplistic style that is to be expected from a Mega Man spiritual successor, but it may come across as less engaging as a movie story. Yet Mighty No. 9 itself was a surprise, so Inafune might still have something up his sleeves to win our hearts  

For now the movie has no scheduled release window, but it won't hit theatres in any case; the film will be streamed over digital distribution platforms. Meanwhile, North American gamers can get the first look at Mighty No. 9's story starting September 15th when the game itself hits all major consoles and handhelds. Other parts of the world only have to wait three more days, as the game launches everywhere else on September 18. 


Activision teams up with Sony for new limited edition Destiny PS4 bundle

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Envy Awaits early adopters who splurged for the original Glacier White PS4 bundle

If you didn't already get the impression that Bungie and Activision has its eyes set on winning over new players for Destiny: The Taken King following all the heartache surrounding the expansion's pricing, then the new Limited Edition Destiny PS4 bundle aught to hammer the message home. It's in fact the second PS4 hardware-software bundle based around Bungie's MMO FPS game, the first being the Glacier White system that launched alongside the base game last September.

The new Taken King bundle not only includes a copy of Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition (featuring all the content from Destiny and Expansions I and II), but a handsome new Destiny-flavored 500GB PS4 console.

That's the "limited edition" part of the bundle, and certainly makes for an attractive proposition for potential new PS4 owners. Neither Sony nor Activision have announced retail pricing for this new package, but it will hit stores this September 15th, the same day Destiny: The Taken King goes live. The original Glacier White set was priced just over $50 USD more than the base PS4 in North America, so we wouldn't be surprised if the new Taken King PS4 will similarly market for around $450. Then again, that's no ordinary PS4!

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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth torments Xbox One, New 3DS, and Nintendo Wii U this July 23rd

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Now with 100% less disturbing trailers

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The top-down, randomly-generated RPG action shooter that fought into nightmares years ago is now coming back to give more gamers opportunities to be scarred by demons and skulls. Straight from Nicalis's Twitter page, news has hit that The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, previously exclusive to PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita, will be coming to the Nintendo Wii U, New Nintendo 3DS, and Xbox One on July 23.

The Binding of Isaac is a modern-day retelling of the Biblical story of Isaac and Abraham. Isaac, a young boy, lives in a happy solitude with his mother. However, his mother hears a voice that ultimately commands her to sacrifice her son, and so begins the journey of the boy through his mother's absolutely horrifying basement. Rebirth shares the same story, but is expanded in every other way -- the title now includes new levels, artwork, music, and local co-op so that a friend can jump in during Isaac's exploration of his mother's Womb. To put it simply, Rebirth is what happens when a gamer is unable to wake up from the disturbing dream that is its predecessor, The Binding of Isaac.

Well, the game is freaky and weird. Both the original title and the extended version were very well-received all across the board, so freaky and weird in this case proved to be rather appealing. Players can pick up The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth for on the Nintendo Wii U, New Nintendo 3DS, and Xbox One starting on July 23 for $14.99.


Monday, Jul 6

Bethesda to build a better Fallout 4 by learning from Skyrim's technical issues

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Radroaches aren't even close to the worst bugs you'll encounter in the wasteland

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Fallout 4 is already looking to be one of the most exciting game releases this year, and certainly one of the biggest projects that Bethesda is trying to hammer out in time for November. According to director Todd Howard, the studio is tapping into the lessons it learned from trying address the technical issues that plagued both the console and PC releases of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, in order to make Fallout 4 a (hopefully) more polished title from the ground up.

Speaking with Game Informer, Howard explains that ultimately one of the biggest Skyrim headaches was in fact all the issues with game saves; losing progress was certainly not a pleasant experience. Troubleshooting bugs proved a challenge in light of all the player data in Skyrim's in-game world, and it took the team nearly "a month or two" to really get a fix on... delivering any sort of fixes.

So it seems Bethesda is drawing from its experiences in ironing out pipelines to identify problems when it comes to Fallout 4, which admittedly is as good a place as any to start from. Naturally we ought to brace ourselves for any sort of launch madness when it comes to open-world Bethesda titles, but at least Howard is implying that any problems won't lead to hosed savegames this time around!

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Friday, Jul 3

Neoseeker's Best of E3 2015 Awards: Game of the Show

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As if any other game could have won after Bethesda's press conference

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The best games of E3 will always be the ones that show well in short windows. Whether it's a 5-minute trailer, a 15-minute demo or a 30-minute hands-on, if a game can't persuade anyone of its quality in that short period of time then odds are it won't be winning any E3 awards. That's absolutely not to say that games that don't win E3 awards aren't excellent. Quite the opposite actually, since as games mature those that trade depth and complexity for immediate reward are less valued. It's just important to recognize what these E3 awards represent and enjoy them for what they are. These are great introductions to what will hopefully be great games.

This is Neoseeker's Best of E3 2015's final award category, the Game of the Show category, which includes our nominees, a runner-up and our winner. They are the games that took the brief opportunities that E3 provides and made us excited about playing them both then and in the future. They have much to prove in terms of full gaming experiences, but for E3 2015 these games rose above our expectations and made us excited for the future of video games. 

E3 2015 is now weeks past, but the true fun is yet to come as these games get released over the next year or two (or longer, looking at you The Last Guardian). For now, in this moment, here are Neoseeker's Best of E3 2015 awards for our Game of the Show.

Super Mario Maker

Nintendo's line-up of Wii U and 3DS games at E3 were unfortunately disappointing this year, compounded by a Nintendo Direct that poorly spotlighted even the great games Nintendo does have lined up. Case in point Super Mario Maker, which lets players make their own classic 2D Mario levels and upload them or download others from online. The Super Mario Maker demo during the Nintendo Direct was short, failed to cover the full customizable experience, and most of all didn't explain why such a game can be fun -- is fun.

Luckily, Super Mario Maker was also showcased during the Nintendo World Championships prior to E3 and they didn't waste that opportunity. The two finalists in the tournament raced through levels created by Nintendo Treehouse employees in order to win the tournament overall. It was exhilarating, with each of the levels shown being completely unique, challenging and ohmygosh I wanted to play them myself right then and there. This game is certain to be the definitive Wii U experience and I can only imagine all the brilliant levels fans will be able to make when it's finally available for purchase.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

This may be the last Metal Gear Solid title, and is almost certainly the last made by Hideo Kojima. Lucky us, it looks like an amazing game that's larger than any of us could have expected. So having Hideo Kojima release another, potentially final, self-directed trailer full of the wonderfully confusing drama that no other game director could possibly recreate is both brilliant and quite a bit depressing. Add on a 40-minute gameplay demo so rich in awesome new feature teases and content that it'll take quite the while to dissect, and it's inconceivable not to add Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain to this list.

If there was one thing that the demo managed to accomplish, it's that it showed just how big and complex the world of The Phantom Pain is. The demo runner runs through several missions, explores the impressive open world for quite a while, and is full of so many great details that only a near-finished, highly polished game could capture in a demo. It's important to note that Konami takes an interesting note to E3. They aren't hype-focused, but rather just excited to show off more of their games than they can just through normal means. As such, while Metal Gear V didn't win our Game of the Show award, it absolutely has our 100% attention as its September release approaches.

Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3 won our Best of E3 2015 Action award with little to no argument and that's because it's a game that knows exactly what it wants to be. Avalanche took an idea and executed on it, which based on their E3 showing is going very well for them. Huge explosions and unending combat, all with the player in control of so many fun weapons and gadgets, are sure to make all Just Cause 3 players happy with their investment. Could Just Cause 3 aspire to more? Absolutely, but that they chose not to says how dedicated they are to this adrenaline-fueled, player-driven experience.

No Man's Sky

Sad story, but No Man's Sky struggled to get nominated in any single given category. That's not because of a lack of excitement over the game, but more that it's really hard to agree on why we're each excited for No Man's Sky. There's action, adventure, and even shooter action shown in this E3's spaceship demo. Hell, it could probably be considered an RPG based on some of the features we've seen. While it may not lead in any one of those given areas, when put together there's no denying that No Man's Sky looks like an excellent game. If there was a category for pure wonder, then it probably would have won that.

Star Wars: Battlefront

EA DICE has used some sort of magic on me, because every time I watch their scripted E3 demos for Star Wars: Battlefront online it feels like I'm revisiting those classic films we each hold in our hearts. Except that can't be true, because: A.) this is a video game and, B.) it looks and sounds better than Star Wars ever was on my VHS tapes. The development team should be so proud with the way they've recreated this universe in-game. Art, animation, gameplay -- it looks feels like a Star Wars film battle being acted out from first-person. The depth of the multiplayer experience may be another matter entirely, but for now let's just take in the beauty of these initial showings and appreciate them for what they are.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Nathan Drake's tetralogy will be coming to an end with the 2016 release of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. I feel like I should be nominating the game just for how impactful the previous three games have been on the industry. Luckily the game looks better than ever, so it can pick up this nomination on its own merits. Nate, Elena and Sully are back and decisions must be made. Their relationships are on the line and it's probably a safe bet that not everyone will come out of this one unscathed. While the demo shown to the world, and even the extended demo shown to press, didn't fully dig its hooks into us, there's no denying that Naughty Dog's latest will be of the highest quality on consoles. 

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Runner-Up

When Deus Ex's cinematic trailer was initially shown, I was excited. It wasn't any sort of outrageous excitement, but I'd never say no to more Deus Ex. When the briefest bit of gameplay was shown during the PC Gaming Show press event, my excitement grew exponentially. Imagine then what it felt like when Square Enix later released a 25-minute gameplay demo featuring stealth, combat and conversation gameplay. Sure, it's quite a bit similar to Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but that's a good thing in my book. Plus, Adam Jensen has all of these awesome new cyborg toys to play with!

Fallout 4 - Winner 

Fallout 4 was without a doubt the most exciting reveal of E3, but Bethesda didn't just settle for announcing their huge RPG with a cinematic trailer and a bit of story. Director Todd Howard took over the Bethesda E3 2015 keynote to show off an assortment of awesome new features for what felt like hours. At least, it felt like hours in my heart. No other developer or publisher seemed so excited, so confident in their game as Todd Howard did and the audience shared those feelings. Boston shall become home to all gamers.

Okay, I lied, all that really matters is that they announced 2015 release date. GG, Fallout 4! You win!

Thanks to everyone for sticking around and enjoying Neoseeker's Best of E3 2015 awards. It was a great year for games and gamers. 2015 has a ton of great titles lined up month by month for the rest of the year and now 2016 is starting to look stacked as well. Stick around an join in on the conversations E3 has started in each game's respective forum

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Thursday, Jul 2

Skyforge, F2P MMO collaboration between Obsidian and Allods, starts Open Beta on July 16

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Tentatively interested, but F2P is such a four letter word these days

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The wait is almost over! Skyforge, the free-to-play MMO made in collaboration between Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment, will kick off its Open Beta starting July 16. Those who have purchased a Founder's Pack will gain access a full week early, as servers will go up for them on July 9. Accompanying the announcement is a special open beta trailer introducing the world Skyforge takes place in, as well as its enemies. The Open Beta will not have its servers wiped once the game fully launches, unlike witth Closed Beta. That means mark your calendars, because the grind starts soon.

Skyforge is not a traditional MMO, by any means. It's a game built from the ground up to be free-to-play and its progression systems are absolutely representative of that. For instance, Skyforge characters don't have levels. Players will instead strengthen their characters through how far they've gotten in the game's content and their character stats. As in, you may find yourself doing things many times in order to get the loot or currency necessary to improve your character's stats and hit up the next level. That's not to say the action won't be exciting and fun, but odds are those unwilling to spend a bit of up-front cash may be a bit inhibited from progression.

Let's just take a look at some of the currencies available in the Founders packages. By my count there are at least four or five currencies which Founders will get a lump sum of to start with. Those include "Argents," "Credits," "Spark Replicators," "Celestial Threads," and "Enhancement Stones" split into ranks 1-3. Plus, there are Premium Account subscriptions, which technically haven't had their boons revealed yet. Rumors are that they'll increase the weekly caps that free players will have on progression, as well as increased earning rates. Oof.

Add in that Skyforge will also lock classes, costumes, mounts and other microtransactions behind pay walls and one has to ask whether the developers and publisher really want players to see all of the cool things they're working so hard on. You know things are rough when you're looking at spending $70 for a founders pack full of items which you have no idea what they do, in quantities that don't tell you whether you'll be able to afford what you want. I've heard more about the sketchy free-to-play practices of Skyforge up to now than I have about the game's gameplay. 

Nevertheless, a free-to-play MMO is a free-to-play MMO and if its whole job is to get me to play just once and potentially get hooked from there, then they've got me. The action looks like a lot of fun and the brief demo I've been shown from the developers has my interest piqued. I'll be there on July 16 with the other free-to-play players ready to see what Skyforge really has to offer.

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Trials Fusion's Awesome Level MAX DLC gameplay isn't too extreme, but does have cats on unicorns

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Needs more unicorn power, methinks

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Gameplay for Trials Fusion's upcoming Awesome Level MAX DLC pack was not shown during Ubisoft's E3 2015 press conference. Instead Red Lynx trolled everyone with this huge cinematic trailer, getting folk to think there was some big AAA game about to be announced. Nope, just Trials Fusion DLC. To be fair, as a Trials Fusion fan the cinematic trailer got me ridiculously excited. Nothing better than Trials pushing even further into the absurdity that it already embraces. Today Ubisoft let loose the first look at Awesome Level Max DLC's gameplay and, well, it looks like more Trials Fusion.

When you say you're adding a cat wielding a pistol and riding a unicorn to the game, taking Trials to the next level, there are certain expectations set. Judging from the gameplay trailer the whole "taking it to the next level" thing doesn't seem to be wholly accurate. There are definitely cats on unicorns, though. It just seems to be more of an alternative skin for the motorcycle instead of a transformative gameplay feature. Many of the maps shown also seem to share level assets from the main game as well, though there definitely were a few unique levels to behold too.

Hopefully Red Lynx has taken a number of cues from their community, who has definitely had their fun with Trials Fusion's level creation system. That infinite stairs level shown in the trailer is literally taken directly from a number of custom levels I've played through myself. But hey, if all Red Lynx was doing was releasing their favorite custom maps made up by Red Lynx's engineers and playable with a unicorn being ridden by a cat? I'd still be in. Sounds like they've at least got a few surprised to discover in there, though.

The Awesome Level MAX DLC pack for Trials Fusion will be released on July 14 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, followed by a PC launch on July 15. The pack will include 30 all-net tracks, 30 challenges, the unicorn ride, and more. Folk will also be able pick up the standalone Awesome Max Edition of Trials Fusion starting with the DLC's release. That bundle will include the full game and all of its six Season Pass DLC packs, plus the new Awesome Level MAX DLC. Expect to hear more on that in the months to come.


Wednesday, Jul 1

Extended Uncharted 4: A Thief's End E3 2015 demo reintroduces Elena

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And Elena doesn't look too happy

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The Uncharted 4: A Thief's End demo shown during Sony's press conference at E3 2015 was very impressive. There's no argument to be made with that statement. However, considering that the demo closed out Sony's entire conference, it was quite a bit anti-climactic. The demo ended with Nate in the middle of a chase sequence, abruptly ending without any meaningful conclusion or cliffhanger. The truth is that this was because they were showing the second half of the demo behind closed doors to press and industry folk on the E3 show floor. Today the full, extended demo has been published online for all to see.

It's not necessarily Naughty Dog's fault that their left a rather sour taste in many viewers' mouths during the press conference. They likely had nothing to do with choosing when their demo would be shown in the event and it definitely seems like they didn't expect to be the show's closer. But that's definitely what they were. Nevertheless the press went on to laud Uncharted 4 as one of E3 2015's best showings, citing the closed demo. But it's hard to persuade casual viewers that something gets better when they haven't seen it for themselves as of yet. Thank goodness Naughty Dog decided to put out this extended demo relatively recently after E3 2015 ended, eh?

The demo picks up right where the E3 demo started, with Nate and Sully looking for Nate's brother, leading into a huge chase through the mountain-side city. Where the Sony E3 demo ended, as Nate tethered onto a truck's overhanging crane hook as it rode across a bridge, Naughty Dog's full demo continues on. I won't spoil the action itself, as the video will showcase it much better than I can describe. I will mention that the conclusion of the demo is much more rewarding, as we're reintroduced to Nate's wife, Elena. It's clear she isn't happy to find her husband back in his adventuring ways, and seemingly having been lying about them as well.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is planned for release exclusively on PlayStation 4 in early 2016. This may be the last we see of the game for some time as Sony hypes up their holiday releases in the months to come, but I think most will be happy with this glimpse at the upcoming action adventure title.


PlayStation Plus in July adds Rocket League on PS4, Geometry Wars 3 on PS Vita

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More free PlayStation 4 games for the PlayStation 4 god

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Sony had some comparably challenging competition from Microsoft's Games With Gold in July. Assassin's Creed sized competition. It doesn't look like Sony's stressing it, maintaining their monthly mix of indie titles and mid-tier surprises that may have passed people by in July's PlayStation Plus. Sony uses their service to promote titles that may otherwise never have found the spotlight on PC or on their own platforms. Well, beyond the PS Vita that is. Sony just seems to put every great PS Vita game directly onto PS+. No complaints there!

Note that July's PlayStation Plus line-up won't begin until July 7, since July 1 falls on a Wednesday and Sony only updates their storefront on Tuesdays. 

PlayStation 4

  • Rocket League
  • Styx: Master of Shadows

PlayStation 3

  • Rain
  • Entwined (PS4, PS3, PS Vita)

PS Vita

  • Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved
  • Mousecraft (PS4, PS3, PS Vita)

It's good to see another mix of multiplatform offerings on PlayStation Plus this July. Both Entwined and Mousecraft will be available on all three Sony platforms, giving the PS4 four games, the PS3 three games, and the PS Vita three games. Oh yes, whatever PlayStation platform you're on, there will certainly be a grand selection of games to play. There aren't any big blockbuster titles this month, which is sure to frustrate some subscribers. Hopefully they'll all be too busy with Rocket League to make too much of a fuss over it.

Make sure to log in and download your copies of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Skulls of the Shogun for PlayStation 4. They'll be departing from PlayStation Plus as soon as July's games kick in.


Monday, Jun 29

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile coming to iOS and Android devices, mobile match-3 goodness later this year

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For Pokémon fans looking to move from matching candies to matching faces

Image 1

Pokémon Shuffle, one of Nintendo's first ventures into the free-to-play gaming realm, is coming to iOS and Android devices under the title Pokémon Shuffle Mobile later this year. The original Pokémon Shuffle was originally released on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in February of this year and has proved rather popular since, getting over a million downloads worldwide in the few weeks after its launch. By mixing traditional match-3 elements with fundamental features of the Pokémon series like mega evolution and type advantages, Nintendo's made what's likely one of the most addicting titles to hit handhelds in years.

The most important thing about Pokémon Shuffle Mobile is that it is free-to-play and it is meant for pick-up-and-go gamers. In each game players are given a limited number of moves used to mix and match cute Pokémon faces -- provided the Pokémon has been collected by the player -- to attack the enemy with. Matching more than three icons gives the attack more power. Pokémon's famous 17-type classification system of course comes into play in the title, allowing players to develop strategies instead of rushing headfirst into battle with any creatures that have been collected.

On the Nintendo 3DS games played were limited and could be refilled through StreetPass interactions, jewels that are obtained rarely through in-game deeds, microtransactions, or simply waiting thirty minutes. Android and iOS players will assumedly only be able to refill through the latter two or three methods, similar to other titles of the free-to-play genre such as Candy Crush, but Nintendo is new to the medium so anything could happen.

With titles such as the original Shuffle and Pokémon Rumble World on the Nintendo 3DS, the gaming giant seems to be taking quite a few progressive steps towards the mobile market and Shuffle is arguably the biggest one of them all. Provided that everything goes as well as the free-to-play expeditions on the handheld, introducing Pokémon Shuffle Mobile to a generation of gamers looking for quick entertainment might be just the first push towards creating a serious mobile gaming library full of Nintendo series and characters. It's the perfect game to play on the car ride to the grocery store or while waiting for dinner at a take-out restaurant.

Though Pokémon Shuffle Mobile is not yet available, interested gamers will be able to download it for free starting later this year on Google Play for Android devices and the iTunes App Store for iOS devices.