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Thursday, Apr 17

League of Legends: Trials of the Poro animated short is ADORABLE, could be teasing new champ

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Can't even handle this cuteness

Image 1

The latest from Riot Games is a League of Legends animated short titled Trials of the Poro, and it is mind-shatteringly adorable. Then again, would a video featuring a poro be anything but? Aside from the cute little protagonist, Trials of the Poro also features one other character, meaning the poro's tale could very well be doubling as a champion teaser.

Trials of the Poro takes place deep in the Freljord region of Runeterra, where a lone poro is searching the hostile mountains for food. When I say "hostile," I'm referring to both the terrible weather and the ongoing battle. Guess s/he must have been really hungry. 

Now before I say anything else and upset anyone with potential spoilers, here is the video.

See that big mustached fellow at the end? The League community is already naming him as the next champ, dubbing the fellow "Angus." For those not in the know, Angus is an fan creation who debuted in a satirical comic poking fun at Riot's propensity for creating only pretty support champions. So the idea behind Angus is to make a ridiculously masculine and over-the-top character who can break the mold.

What do you guys think? Could Trials of the Poro actually herald the official birth of Angus? Or is the animated story nothing more than a cute tale about poros?

Update: Riot did make a news post after releasing the trailer, tagging their update with the name "Braum."

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NPD: Titanfall leads game sales in March, proving you can drop a Titan on anything

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Xbox One and PC shooter reigns supreme in software

Image 1

Titanfall seems to be living up to its hype, as the Xbox One shooter topped software sales in March. So says the NPD Group, who released a report today listing last month's top ten sellers in the United States.

Although released for PC and Xbox 360, Titanfall was heralded as the must-have game for Xbox One. And while someone can claim that Titanfall's apparent success shuold come as no surprise, keep in mind the PlayStation 4 is still dominating hardware sales, and the PS4 exclusive inFamous: Second Son performed admirably in the software department.

Currently, the NPD is only factoring in Titanfall numbers from Xbox One and PC, since the Xbox 360 version was released later, in April. Though no concrete sales numbers have been released yet, you can bet it's an impressive figure.

Respawn isn't just going to sit around and bask in their success, however. Next month will see the release of Titanfall: Expedition, the shooter's first DLC map pack, and plenty more changes will be coming in the next several months.


March NPD Number Crunch: PS4 maintains hardware lead for third consecutive month

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Monthly console sales continue to grow thanks to all the shiny new hardware

Image 1

The NPD Group's monthly software top ten list is ablaze once more with new titles that didn't disappoint. Three March releases managed to push Activision's Call of Duty: Ghosts out of the top spot, and leading the charge is none other than Electronic Arts' Titanfall. inFamous: Second Son and South Park: The Stick of Truth follow in some titan-sized footprints, while Dark Souls II also managed to squeeze into the top five.

Billed as a "game changer" for Microsoft's platforms, Titanfall still didn't quite spur a level of hardware sales the Xbox One needed to edge out over the PS4 like it nearly did in February. Microsoft confirms that 311,000 Xbox One consoles moved at retail last month, which by NPD's reckoning would put it behind PS4 sales. NPD reports that the PS4 remained the best-selling console in the U.S. for its third straight month in March.

While Sony hasn't officially disclosed any PS4 sales figures for last month yet, the company yesterday did confirm that hardware sales are now at 7 million units worldwide since launch. Microsoft meanwhile revealed that global Xbox One unit sales are now at 5 million.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster bring classic franchise cred to software top ten for March. Unfortunately, even with all the new releases landing in the top ten, NPD reports that total software sales for March still plummeted 28 percent year-over-year to $432 million USD.

Making up for software is the continued growth of hardware sales. The PS4 and Xbox One remain coveted items, spurring a 78 percent year-over-year growth in sales to $395 million USD. Add it all together and we find that overall industry sales grew 3 percent to $1.03 billion USD compared to March last year.

March 2014 Top Ten Software Sales
  Game Publisher Platform Release
1. Titanfall Electronic Arts Xbox One / PC 03/2014
2. inFamous: Second Son Sony Computer Entertainment PS4 03/2014
3. South Park: The Stick of Truth Ubisoft PS3 / Xbox 360 / PC 03/2014
4. Call of Duty: Ghosts Activision Xbox 360 / PS3 / Xbox One / PS4 / Wii U / PC 11/2013
5. Dark Souls II Namco Bandai Games PS3 / Xbox 360 03/2014
6. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Konami PS4 / Xbox One / PS3 / Xbox 360 03/2014
7. NBA 2K14 2K Games PS4 / Xbox 360 / Xbox One / PS3 / PC 10/2013
8. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Square Enix PS3 / PS Vita 03/2014
9. The LEGO Movie Videogame Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Xbox 360 / Xbox One / PS3 / PS4 / 3DS / Wii U / Vita 02/2014
10. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Microsoft Game Studios Xbox 360 06/2013
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Codemasters teasing GRID 2 follow-up with cockpit view, reveal expected April 22

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A year is too short for a full game's development, right?

Image 1

A teaser trailer from GRID 2 developer Codemasters found its way onto the internet this morning, stating "Racing is Coming" and promising a reveal on April 22, 2014. Considering the video was published on the GRID Youtube channel and a follow-up blog post has been published on the GRID developer blog, it's probably safe to say we're looking at a GRID 2 follow-up. Could we be on the verge of the first GRID game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?

Obviously details are basically nonexistent, considering the game has yet to be announced yet. Still, this is the gaming industry and that means there certain to be leaks. Rightly so! A team member from Codemasters has posted another hint on NeoGaf. More than a hint, even:

"Just a heads up, this isn't DLC :)

Cockpit view? We listened.."

It's GRID related, isn't DLC, and adds a huge feature like cockpit view. Yet despite the hints it's hard to believe Codemasters would have a sequel put together by now, right? That's certainly an option, but there are a few others too. It could be a "Game of the Year" of GRID 2, it could be a remastered edition for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, or it could be a standalone expansion a la Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry.

Whatever the type of content ultimately ends up being I have a hard time believing that it won't be something for next-gen consoles. That's just the type of game that GRID is -- it capitalizes on juicing as much out of the hardware it's on. GRID 2 did that already on older consoles, so it's time to take the next step. Still, just one year isn't enough for a full game, is it?

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Ultra Street Fighter IV's adrenaline fueling opening cinematic, Elena, Rolento, Hugo and Poison star

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Decapre's not far behind

Image 1

Ultra Street Fighter IV may be a ways away from its expected June release date in North America, but Japan should be getting the game any day now. With the launch of the the next iteration of the popular fighting franchise, there's one thing everyone can count on -- an epic, techno, adrenaline-fueling, montage opening cinematic! Have you not had a cup of coffee in a few hours? Why not watch this video then, because it will perk everyone right up.

Featured prominently in the video, as expected, are the latest additions to the Street Fighter IV roster. I'm talking about Elena, Rolento, Hugo and Poison of course. Each of them has their own 5-10 second clip in the middle of the video with their own pre-rendered cinematic that stands out from the shadowy conceptual style the rest of the characters are shown in. Where's the last revealed character, Decapre? Well, as shown in the header image she's not outright featured in the video, but she is teased.

I know that these sorts of opening cinematics aren't necessarily of the highest quality. Hell, any single match in Street Fighter IV looks better than the action in the cinematic. Still, Capcom has got these openings down to an art. The mixture of techno that speeds up as the video goes on, the jump cuts between characters and the dozens of references to rivalries and bits of lore mixed in come together in a way other genres have to pine about. It's the perfect welcoming mat for players starting up the game. It makes me want to play Street Fighter right now.

Too bad it;s not available just yet. Pick up the Ultra Street Fighter IV update DLC starting in June or wait for the standalone version's launch in August. It should be ready just in time for North America's biggest fighting game tournament, EVO.


PlayStation 4's 1.70 update adds SHAREfactory video editor, pre-launch game downloads

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Not much news unless you like to share

Image 1

In today's Sony announcement that the PlayStation 4 had reached 7 million in sales they also teased an upcoming major system software patch. Teasers! P'shaw. A riot was almost started, because folk are getting anxious about Sony's updating their system software. Good on Sony for then following up with a post detailing some of the additions that will be coming with patch 1.70, including the SHAREfactory video editor and pre-loading preordered games.

What is SHAREfactory? Consider it the way that gamers can turn a simple recording into something professional. Potentially. It allows gamers to add effects, transitions, themes and otherwise edit their footage in a number of ways. Then, after the player is satisfied with their video, they can publish their new work of art in a number of different ways. Special note, Sony says everyone will be able to add their own original music to add to videos -- maybe a sign that we can soon upload our own music to PS4?

Sharing being a key part of SHAREfactory, 1.70 will allow players to upload their videos in a number of different ways. How about Facebook? That's a thing (yawn). Okay let's move on to USB storage device! Yes, with 1.70 PlayStation 4 owners will be able to export their videos to USB so they can take them where they want. Other changes include additional options for how things are shared on the PS4 HUD -- to friends or otherwise. Oh, and there's an option to turn off the HDCP DRM. Not bad.

Finally, and this could be a big deal, Sony will begin to allow game buyers to begin downloading their games prior to launch if they pre-order. That's so gamers can start playing as soon as the game is unlocked, rather than waiting for downloads post-launch. This feature won't work for all games, but hopefully Sony works hard to make it a common thing.

Those aren't all of the PlayStation 4 patch notes for 1.70, but just early details on some of the major changes. There's still no release date for the update and there are still more feature announcements to be made down the road. Still, not bad so far. Not bad at all.


Producer Drew McCoy finds success in Titanfall being enjoyed, apathetic about sales

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Someone who's not all about making big bucks for a change

Image 1

Titanfall producer Drew McCoy is a breath of fresh air in an industry that's slowly becoming more focused on the money than entertainment. He hasn't looked at the sales figures to know if the recently released shooter is making a profit, nor does he really care.

Some might have worried that EA might try to have encouraged microtransactions to be implemented into Titanfall. That didn't happen, much to everyone's relief. The developers even looked the other way if regarding players who managed to acquire Titanfall prior to launch, maybe because they were trying to sneak in as well.

McCoy's interview with GameSpot at PAX East sheds some light on this behavior from Respawn Entertainment:

"I don't know if it's making a profit, I don't know if it's meeting sales expectations. I don't really care... I care that I worked on a game that I can sit down and enjoy playing. The fact that people enjoy it and it has made enough that we [get to] continue supporting it as a studio, that's to me a success. We make games because we love them and we want other people to play them with us."

It's refreshing to see Respawn Entertainment is remaining focused on game development and not letting Titanfall's success get to their heads. Let's hope they don't get blinded in the future.


Lost Dimension PS Vita/PS3 RPG announced from Lancarse, Etrian Odyssey veterans

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Update New image revealed for Lost Dimension

Update: A Lost Dimension website has just been pushed online, showcasing the art style the game will feature as well as who we can only assume are our S.E.A.L.E.D. team of protagonists.

In case PS Vita RPG fans hadn't heard enough good news recently, today Lost Dimension was announced by Lancarse. Lancarse in a Japanese studio who played a large part in the development of Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey and the first two Etrian Odyssey games.That is to say, these guys are experienced developers so long as they're creating this certain type of RPG. Lost Dimension will be released in Japan on August 8 for the PS Vita and PlayStation 3.

According to the Japanese magazine Famitsu the story of Lost Dimension revolves around a special forces team named S.E.A.L.E.D. investigating a mysterious structure known as the Pillar. Those JRPGs love climbing towers. Players will take on the role of character Shou, joined by heroine Youko. Unfortunately there aren't any details regarding maps or cartography. One can only hope.

There is, of course, no information regarding any potential localization of Lost Dimension. Considering the publisher will be Furyu, who doesn't have a western affiliate, localization will depend on the whims of localization publishers like Xseed Games, Atlus, NIS America, or others. Good news is a Furyu game has been brought over before, though Unchained Blades may not have had the reception publisher Xseed would have liked.

Expect more news on Lost Dimension in the months ahead. I've got a feeling this one will be more of a sleeper hit in Japan than one might expect. It launches August 8 on both PS Vita and the PlayStation 4.

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Wednesday, Apr 16

WildStar's cinematic 'Warplots' trailer is 40v40 PvP mayhem, start calling friends now

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That's not a star, it's a flying space fortress!

Image 1

WildStar's got these things called Warplots, which everyone who is a fan of MMO PvP should probably have heard of by now. Warplots are basically these huge, 40 on 40 battle arenas where... actually, it's probably best to have Carbine Studios explain this all since they made it. Today the studio released a Warplots-focused cinematic trailer, not a DevSpeak, but a fully rendered video hosted by Sarge the rock-skinned Grannok.

I was able to try out Warplots myself not too long ago, which I've rambled about plenty already, and while I have my reservations about the design of the mode I do think it has a lot of potential. There's only so much that you need to do to make 40v40 battles fun, right? Just put them together and players will take care of the rest. It moves from cool to awesome when the actual Warplot buildings get involved. The more Carbine forces players to interact with these buildings, the better.

Luckily it won't be too long before everyone can play WildStar themselves. WildStar launches on June 3, with pre-orderers getting early access and starting the last day of May.

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Batman: Arkham Knight screenshots get up close with Oracle and rogues, including creepy Riddler

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Gotham City is especially shiny at night

Image 2

Due out later this year, a new Arkham shall rise. Batman: Arkham Knight will grace the new generation soon enough, but for now, let's admire these new screenshots from Rocksteady and Warner Bros. They're unreasonably shiny and feature a number of familiar faces, friendly and not so.

We know already Penguin, Two-Face and Harley will be appearing in this Arkham sequel, after their appearances in the announcement cinematic. The Batmobile is also a big deal this time around, what with being an actual part of the game, so Rocksteady is clearly putting a lot of work into its design. It was showcased previously in a series of images, alongside the Arkham Knight villain, an original character created just for the Arkham Knight game. He doesn't make an appearance this time, but you can see some concept art in the gallery below featuring the Batmobile.

Riddler might be the big surprise here, because he looks a lot creepier than I recall. Not that he's got a ton of makeup or scarring. It's just the look on his face...

Batman: Arkham Knight will be out for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 later this year. Rumor is the game will be out in October, but Warner Bros. has yet to confirm such.

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