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Friday, Jul 25

Atlus & NIS America reveal Tears to Tiara II, blending strategy RPG with visual novel

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North America and European releases confirmed starting this October

Image 6

Atlus and NIS America are teaming up to release Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord for PS3 in both North America and Europe later this year. You can guess from the title that this is originally a sequel to an older game that never saw release outside of Japan. While Tears to Tiara II is indeed set in the same world as its predecessor, the main characters and story are new.

Developed by Aquaplus, Tears to Tiara II is a strategy RPG with visual novel storytelling that promises 80 hours of gameplay. Interestingly the announcement only made mention of Japanese voice audio, suggesting there will be no English dub track for the localized release.

If the JRPG-worthy name of "Tears to Tiara" sounds even remotely familiar to an Atlus faithful, that's probably because they tried their hand at Aquapazza: Aquaplus Dream Match. Localized for North America by Atlus last year, this 2D fighting game featured characters drawn from various Aquaplus titles including Tears to Tiara. The first game also received an anime adaptation that was released in English back in 2010 via Sentai Filmworks.

Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord is currently schedueld for North American release this October 14th for $39.99 USD, while NIS America will release the title for Europe starting November 11th.

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Rumor: Wario to appear in Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U according to eShop listing

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Oh Wario. The crowd can never get enough of you or your atomic farts.

Image 1

According to a recent Nintendo 3DS eShop listing by Nintendo, it looks like Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U will add another Smash veteran to the roster. Wario, the long-time anti-hero of the Super Mario series, seems to be making an appearance in the next Super Smash Bros. title

While this does seem to be a relatively credible source (being the eShop itself), there is always room for error, so do not expect too much until the character is truly revealed. The greedy protagonist of the popular WarioWare series already has a history with the Smash series, first featured in Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Nintendo Wii as a playable character. With both his classic and biker outfits available, he seemed to hint at the major costume changes that are now available in Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U.

This week, a section on the Nintendo eShop is dedicated to Mario's antagonistic counterpart himself. Here eagle-eyed 3DS owners may spot a curious point of interest - in a section listing games that Wario has appeared in, Super Smash Bros. 3DS is present. Perhaps this could be a simple mistake, or this could be a sign of an announcement to come from Nintendo.

Hopefully some sort of confirmation or clarification will be forthcoming. We can't say we wouldn't get a kick out of playing as Wario again, pulling motorcycles out of thin air and producing fart bombs. The next installment of Super Smash Bros. will hit the Nintendo 3DS on October 3, 2014, and the Wii U sometime during the holiday season.



Tales of Zestiria gains new screenshots, see real-time battles and character powers

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An odd mix-up to the traditional formula

Image 9

On top of great graphics, deep stories. and hours of expansive content, the Tales series is known mostly for its varying battle styles and grand dungeons. In the most recent batch of screenshots released for Tales of Zestiria, Namco Bandai has revealed more details regarding the PS3 title's updated systems.

Sorey, the male protagonist previously known as Slay, now has a plethora of actions available to him on the map as he explores dungeons and the overworld. By merging his powers with any of his various teammates, Sorey can burn or break any number of obstacles in his way, escape enemy detection as he shuffles around the field, or fly across gaps to previously unreachable areas. On his own, Sorey can perform Sword Swing to chop down trees in order to access hidden paths in forests.

In addition to examples of Sorey's many powers, screenshots were released highlighting Zestiria's take on Tales's Linear Motion Battle System. Instead of switching to a separate battle screen like in previous titles including the upcoming Xillia 2, this installment introduces real-time map battles. While the character hub still appears, the field border is not present in these screenshots, leaving long-time Tales fans curious as to exactly what will happen while they have to slice up Wolves and Snakes.

Unfortunately, it looks like we have a while to wait for Zestiria. Though this installment on the PS3 will not be released worldwide until 2015, Tales of Xillia 2 will be available August 22, 2014. These coming months will be good for Tales fans.

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BioWare drops live-action 'Nightmare' teaser and site with eerie "You've Been Chosen" message

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Planning something big for gamescom

Image 1

BioWare released a strange video this week that takes the whole "teaser" thing to a new level. This particular teaser is titled "Nightmare," and consists of less than 40 seconds in live-action footage, featuring some heavy supernatural themes and bearing the ominous tagline "You've Been Chosen."

In Nightmare, a young man is suffering through a rather horrific dream, one in which he's being chased by what appears to be a similarly-dressed figure. But when we look under the individual's hood, the face is absent, replaced by a blinding light. At one point, we are treated to the image of a man in a suit, sitting in a chair and lacking a head. A ring of fire burns on asphalt, and at the very end, we're told, "You've been chosen." 

The only description provided is fairly cryptic, reading:

The time is near
They are watching
Your power is rising
Cologne, Germany
You’ve Been Chosen

So what's the deal? Is this a teaser for some kind of urban fantasy game? The big reveal will drop at gamescom next month in Cologne, Germany. At least that part's pretty clear.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Day 1 Gallery: Robots and Dragons and Kingdom Hearts! Oh my!

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Things both affordable and extremely unachievable

Image 1

San Diego Comic-Con 2014 officially began Thursday. Huzzah! Now if you ask people what their favorite part about Comic-Con is, chances are you'll get a lot of different answers. Most will no doubt cite all the cool stuff as being a major reason.

Swimming through the sea of people on the show floor to see all those things isn't necessarily easy, however. Fortunately, we've got some pretty nice photos of the various statues and props being showcased on the floor. Some are for sale, others not. Most are plenty affordable, but quite a few aren't. Play Arts Kai (they're under Square Enix) for instance tends to see their figures fly off the shelves -- or out of the cases. Sideshow Collectibles, on the other hand, couples high-quality statues with some lofty price tags. Either way, there's plenty to see and admire about these figures, big and small.

The LEGO booth never disappoints either, with their life-size models (among other things) made entirely of those tiny bricks. Beautiful Kingdom Hearts statues debuted this week, giving both fans and non-fans a visual treat. Oh, and let's not forget the Batman costumes on display, celebrating 75 years of the Dark Knight.

Take a look at the full gallery below. Which ones are your favorites?

Follow Lydia on Twitter @RabidChinaGirl or check out her news and reviews every day here on Neoseeker.

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Thursday, Jul 24

Destiny beta access now open to all who are brave enough

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If you have PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live, you might as well dare to be Guardian

Image 1

It's past 4:00PM this fine July 24th, 2014, and you know what that means: Destiny beta access for all, no matter the platform or whether or not you preordered the game. As long as you have PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live for your chosen console, you're eligible to jump into Destiny, create a character and see what Bungie and Activision will be banking on for the next 10 years.

This phase of the Destiny beta ends July 27th and will be the last before the game enters the final preparations for the official launch later this September 9th. Bungie promises something for everyone during this open beta phase, so if you're new be sure to look for the public download on your respective console's online network, no code required.


2K teases Eve's Garden from BioShock, but isn't saying why yet

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A stage is definitely being set, but where if not Fort Frolic?

Image 1

Publisher 2K tweets a snap of a familiar landmark from the first BioShock game, Eve's Garden. This gentlemen's club and, ahem, exotic dance venue was located in Rapture's Fort Frolic level and advertised ingame throughout the underwater metropolis.

To what end we cannot say, and 2K obviously isn't saying anything... yet. It's significance could well be tied to a BioShock announcement of some sort. Or maybe it just wants to share some apples.

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Sony preparing new round of free digital content for customers affected by 2011 PSN data breach

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Nearing settlement in class action lawsuit over PSN data breach

Image 1

Sony is hoping to pull itself from the shadow of a long-running class action lawsuit by agreeing to offer $15 million USD worth of free digital content to all PlayStation Network account holders in the U.S. affected by 2011's crippling PSN security breach.

This compensation is intended to serve as the preliminary settlement to the lawsuit filed against Sony in the U.S. District Court of Southern California following a cyber-attack on the electronics giant's PSN service back in April 2011 which saw the personal data of some 77 million PSN accounts compromised and the service shut down for nine weeks. The lawsuit itself was ultimately a consolidation of no less than 50 similar class action lawsuits.

Should this settlement earn the court's final approval, Sony will prepare a variety free benefits for customers affected by the security breach. In addition to reimbursing up to $2,500 USD to individual customers who can prove they were victims of identify theft as a direct result of a compromised PSN account (up to a total of $1 million across all claims), Sony will offer affected PSN account holders a choice of one of the following:

  • A free PS3 OR PSP game from a list of 14 titles
  • A set of thre PS3 themes from a list of six
  • A three month subscription to PlayStation Plus

These rewards are first-come, first-serve and will be valid until it hits total value hits $4 million. Compromised PSN account holders who didn't participate in Sony's "Welcome Back" reward campaign are entitled to two of the above three reward tiers, and are similarly on a first-come basis up to a cap of $6 million.

Customers who held a Sony Online Entertainment account during the breach are elibigle for 450 points of Station Cash (equivalent to $4.50 USD) good for all supporting titles, while account holders of the (now-defunct) Qriocity service can score a free month of its successor, Music Unlimited.

Eligible account holders are expected to be contacted via email in the future with instructions on how to claim your benefits.


Skylanders Trap Team screenshots show off Dark Edition, epic new Skylander 'Gusto'

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Not all Skylanders are good, but they can still fight for it

Image 1

Skylanders Trap Team is spending the week in San Diego, their booth on the show floor permanently marked by a gathering of pint-sized attendees dragging their chaperones close behind. The recently-announced Dark Edition toys were on display, and the team was eagerly showing off Gusto, a new Skylander who isn't afraid to throw his weight around.

So what's the deal with Skylanders Tag Team Dark Edition? Well, previous Skylanders Dark Edition releases were all exclusive in some way or another, typically tied to a specific retailer. With Tag Team, that all changes, as the unique starter pack becomes more of a general limited edition, where you'll likely need to pre-order to get this exact version.

The game itself isn't any different from what you'd typically get, but the three starter figures will be "dark" versions of the usual trio. With Tag Team, that's Dark Food Fight, Dark Snap Shot and the awesome Dark Wildfire. You can see them below.

The massive Gusto will also be a sure-buy for many Skylander collectors. This large blue fellow, armed with his massive elemental boomerang, is one of several toys being shown at Comic-Con this week, but you can have a closer look at the guy in the images below. Capable of taking in large quantities of air and then expel it in an attack, Gusto lives up to his name and looks.

Skylanders Tag Team will be out October 5 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, 3DS and Wii U. The new screenshots also feature some previously announced characters, like the hilarious Pain-Yatta and musically inclined Wolfgang.

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Hyrule Warriors gains updated roster, play as Darunia, Ruto, and Sheik

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Do the Darunia Disco, dude

Image 4

Koei Tecmo recently released more exciting news regarding Hyrule Warriors. On top of multiple character announcements, the development studio behind Dynasty Warriors revealed that the story of Link's hack-'n'-slash will take place across three worlds from previous titles - Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time, and Twilight Princess. What's more, we will be seeing other worlds incorporated through the appearances of the Wind Waker from the game of the same name and (as you may recall from earlier screens) the Moon from Majora's Mask.

Nintendo's Eiji Aonuma describes Hyrule Warriors as essentially an official title presenting itself as a gift to fans. With that in mind, Koei Tecmo has announced three long-suspected/anticipated characters - Ruto the Zora, Darunia the Goron, and Sheik, Queen Zelda's ninja assistant (or alter ego...). All three have very different battle styles, some that long-time fans may or may not have expected.

Sheik, traditionally paired with Zelda in some way, fights with her harp. While assigning elemental attacks to different strokes and tunes of the stringed instrument, a staple in both Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword, she aims to confuse her enemies with her mysterious ninja trickery. Darunia, leader of the Gorons, fights with his hammer and traditional Goron roll. As a Sage, he is also able to manipulate fire to his will to take down enemy fighters. Finally, Ruto, the Zora princess, was revealed. To counter Darunia, Ruto relies on water for her movement and attacks as she competes with her many enemies.

As a kid, I always wanted to use Link and friends to slice up everything that got in my path. Hyrule Warriors will finally give players that opportunity with overpowered popular characters. The Legend of Zelda spin-off will be available starting September 26, exclusively for the Nintendo Wii U.