New Super Mario Bros. Wii review
Mario isn't so lonely this time. He hopes you aren't either.

The good:

-Cooperative/Competitive gameplay option heats up the living room!
-Nice new stages, bosses, and abilities.
-Yoshi. Is. Back.

The bad:

-The controls can sometimes be difficult to get used to
-Penguin Suit may turn against you (which is a fault for a game like this)
-Disappearance of Mega Shroom.


New Super Mario Bros. brought the Overalls-Mustache fun to the new DS console.
Now, then, what is the job of this game? Of course, it's to bring the Overalls-Mustache fun to the Wii.
With a variety of new abilities such as Ice-Flowers, Propeller Shroom, and Penguin Suit, Nintendo effectively maneuvers the player to the realm of curiosity and entertainment. With the vivid and colorful design of those new items and costumes, it's sure to instantly hook players all around.
Another new ability introduced is the air-spin, which gives Mario more airborne time and distance in jumps. For experts, this ability seems to be useful indeed.
Additionally, the slightly renewed game map system was satisfactory. In the DS, players had to stop at every stage space, which took a couple of seconds away from you to get to the further parts on that world. Now, this has been made more sufficient. As long as you tilt/hold on the arrow button, you won't stop at individual spaces. Another noteworthy difference is how the 'enemies' wandering around the game map is more aggressive; if you land on the same space as they are, you bump in to them, rendering an exclusive stage where you battle particular enemies.

The detailed details' explanation is over. Let's go on.
First, this game has numerous ways to enjoy itself; Classic one-player game (which also allows additional players to join Mario), coin gathering battle, and free multiplayer gameplay.
~Classic one-player game is where you have Mario and a side-scrolling stage. The ever-continuing, simple way to play. Because this game is exceptionally fun with multiplayer, it might be fun to cooperatively play through the stages of norm.
~Coin gathering is the most heating-up, competitive, and exciting way to play this game in multiplayer style. You and some other player(s) compete with the number of coins gathered. In this game, you can pick up other characters, jump or hip-drop on opponents, and much more. Use the terrain and any other useful trick to throw your opponents off the competition!
~Free Multiplayer gameplay is where you play with other guests in any way you want. You can kill each other, cooperate... so much more. It's like those 'sandbox'es.

Next, the new opponents really appeal to players as well. The minor bosses awaiting you and Mario at each castle or fortress has their own way of attacking, and not to mention, unique stage. One can have slippery floors, while the other has separated ground moving up and down. Also, the last stage (Bowser) might be one of the most challenging, yet, exciting and new way to battle.
Finally, the music and sound effects don't change much from the previous game. The music has some more variety, and some BGMs are remixes from the games before. The sound effect is always never a pain to hear (unless, say, you perform an infinite 1-Up trick and the TV blares out constant irritating bleeps).
Overall, it can be declared that this game is worth the price, and even more. Just one thing though, and that is that this game's majority is for multiplayer gameplay, which can be unappealing to some hard-core game players. If you want a game where you can keep your own pace, and even do something else in itself, this is the product you're looking for.

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