New Super Mario Bros. Wii Tips

Hard Save All The Time
Most people think that hard saving (not quicksaving, hard saving is the kind that you can reload over and over) only happens when you beat a castle/tower or use a warp cannon. What most people don't know is that you can play a tower/castle over and over, and you can save every time!

For example, let's say I am about to play 8-Castle for the first time. I will probably die, unless I am some miracle worker, so I wish I could hard save right here. Easy! Simply go back to a tower/castle (the quickest/easiest is 1-Tower) and beat it quickly! Then choose to save, warp worlds to 8-Castle, and kick Bowser's butt. But if you die, then just return to title screen, reload your file, and voila!

Oh, and if you want to get a power-up before saving, then beat the following levels and keep the power-up until the end:

1-1 for Propeller Cap
1-2 for Ice Flower (Fire Flower if you get the Red Coin Challenge at the end)
1-Tower for Ice Flower or Fire Flower (Fire Flower is the block on the left above the moving blocks.
2-2 for Mini Mario
3-1 for Penguin Mario

Peace out,