New Super Mario Bros. 2 review
Deja Vu

The good:

+ Another decent side scrolling Mario game

The bad:

- Not much "new" here
- Uninspired level themes
- Cannot start new game as Luigi
- Insane amount of extra lives


New Super Mario Bros 2
-updated to reflect the add on content

This review will use the following scoring system:

Graphics - 20%
3D Effect - 5%
Gameplay - 40%
Plot - 5%
Music and Sound - 15%
Replay Value - 15%

Graphics: This game is on par with NSMB Wii. There are good colors and character renditions. There are a few jagged lines here and there. Overall this is a solid effort from Nintendo (8/10)

3D Effect: What a disappointment especially from a first party title. The 3D effect hardly adds any value to this game. It merely makes the background just a hair deeper, and this is with 3D slider all the way up! Nintendo should have taken a page from Mutant Mudds on how to do a 3D effect for side scrolling platforming game. (1/10)


There are two main modes: main game and coin rush

The main game is hardly different from its predecessors. In fact the label of "new" is starting to become a misnomer especially with NSMB Wii U on the way. Players make their way through six worlds (with two unlockable worlds) while jumping over pit falls and Bowser's minions. If you played the original DS game or NSMB Wii, then you will know exactly what to expect from the world design. There is a desert world, winter world, forest world, etc. The only exception are the unlockable worlds which are called mushroom and flower, but there is nothing special about them.

So, what is new? Well, there are a few new enemies and a new power up: the gold flower. This brings me to my next point. This game is all about the coin collecting. The gold flower aids Mario in this quest to collect coins. Every coin collected adds to the grand total. However, the sheer number of coins, along with other factors, results in an insane number of extra lives. As of this review, I have 363 lives.

Controls are nice and tight. Players can use the circle pad or the d-pad to move Mario, and players have two options for button lay outs. The touch screen allows players to select worlds that have completed or unlocked, and the touch screen also allows players to use a power up in the storage slotl

Unlike the original NSMB, you can't start the new game as Luigi. Luigi is only playable through a completed game profile. Also gone are the mini games which is a shame because I enjoyed some of the multiplayer games. Speaking of multiplayer, two players can play the main game cooperatively. This requires each player to have a 3DS and a copy of the game. I have not experienced this mode so I can't comment on the quality.

Coin rush mode gives players three random levels from the game with the objective to collect as many coins as possible within the time limit with only one life. Players can share top scores with others via Street Pass. This an interesting mode to a point. It is a good way to add to the overall coin total, but it does get old because the levels are taken from the game. Nintendo has started selling additional coin rush packs in the Nintendo E-Shop. The good news is that the packs contain new levels. The bad news is that they cost $2.50 per pack. I think it should have been 99 cents. I'm not tempted to buy them.

Overall, the game is decent but parts are uninspired. (7/10)

Plot: Rescue Princess Peach from the Koopolings. What else did you expect? (2/10)

Music and Sound: If I sound like a broken record, then it's because this game is a bit of a broken record. Nothing has changed here. The same music and sounds are still present. They still sound good, but I'm in the mode for some variety. The are new tracks for the mushroom and flower worlds, but that is about it. (7/10)

Replay Value: There are all the big coins to collect and secret worlds to unlock, but the big thing here is the quest to collect one million coins. I have 91,759. All Nintendo has said is that something "special" will happen, but I have to admit that I cheated and I looked at what happens when you collect 1 million coins and trust me, it isn't special. (5/10)

8 x .2 = 1.6
1 x .05 = .05
7 x .4 = 2.8
2 x .05 = .1
7 x .15 = 1.05
5 x .15 = .75

Final score 6.4/10

Final verdict: if you have an opportunity to rent this game or borrow it from a friend, I would do that first. I actually feel sorry for the people who downloaded this game from the Nintendo E-Shop. I was fortunate to find a pre order promo code for 10 dollars off the final purchase. This is not worth the full price MSRP.

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