: : : : : : : Infinite Gold Flower use and tons of coins!

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Tips

Infinite Gold Flower use and tons of coins!
For a good way to collect loads of coins during normal mode head to the first level of the Mushroom World with a Gold Flower in your item slot. Enter the level and kill everything and collect all coins leading up to the second gold Warp Pipe(This is the Pipe with loads of Red Koopas walking around on the blocks). Enter the pipe and be sure you jump into both top brick blocks to receive a Gold Flower which will come down into your item slot to replace to one you have on. After this progress through the entire level killing everything, and collecting all coins. By the end of the level you should have at least 800 coins. Repeat this with the infinite Gold Flowers as often as you wan't! My record on the level is over 1,000 coins!