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Captain Olimar has just returned home, and is pleased to be in one piece. After crash-landing on an alien planet, he quickly learned that the only way to escape was to utilise the talents of the Pikmin: the cutest little creatures that under his command sought out the scattered components of his beloved spacecraft. With only 30 days to complete the mission before his emergency oxygen supplies ran out, Olimar will never forget the Pikmin who aided him in his hour of need.

But home isn’t always as sweet as it should be, and it turns out Olimar’s intergalactic employer, Hocotate Freight, has fallen deep into debt in his absence. As the firm’s President regales the whole sorry tale to Olimar, the weary explorer inadvertently drops a trinket obtained on his travels.

When this meagre scrap of metal is valued at a whopping 100 Pokos, the solution to Hocotate Freight’s problems becomes instantly clear.

Olimar will simply have to return to the dangerous planet and take charge of the Pikmin once more. After all, if things just lying around back there are worth 100 Pokos, raising the cash necessary to repay the loan without a restrictive 30-day time limit should be simple. Right?

This time around, Olimar won’t be making his voyage alone - his colleague Louie will be coming along for the ride too. And after the dangers encountered on his last journey, Olimar is sure to be glad of an extra pair of hands to help command Pikmin and tackle the curious collection of hostile inhabitants that lie in wait.

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  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Genre: RTS (Wii)
  • Perspective(s): Third Person
Release Dates
  • Japan: Mar 12, 2009
  • Europe: Apr 24, 2009
  • Australia: May 14, 2009
Collections Summary
13 own | 5 want | 3 completed