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Neverwinter Nights review
Never Winter Nights

The good:

The Plot, The Power, The Minds Eye

The bad:

The Bugs, The Redundantcy


This Game is extremely buggy and overly complex, too many unwarranted items to check. The Plot is great, the play is good (albeit) but there are way too many no plot items that make it uncaringly long and boring at times. Maybe I'm being overly critical of it because I really am more a 1st Person Shooter kind and not an RPG type. But I have enjoyed both throughout my years of Gaming Experience's (which is considerable in my 45 years). The Side Quests sometimes left me running Helter Skelter and redundantly going over and over and over the same turf numerous times for little or no reward but the sound of Triumphant Orchestration and some redundant Gold Pieces. Too numerous where the times I had to load a saved game and re-equip to a smaller weapon because I had become soo Powerful that I had Struck Down an Adversary (and that was when I knew I had struck one down) before he had a chance too surrender. It is a Great and Noble attempt at an Exemplarily Game that could be salvaged with some work (and I bought the Gold Edition).

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