The Neverhood review
The Neverhood, Play You Should

The good:

Very creative game, challenging, easy to play, and funny. It also includes a video about how the game was made!

The bad:

Once you beat it, it's over.


A very weird, but great game. You play as Klayman, a man made of clay, who lives in a magical place called the Neverhood. The almost everything is made of clay in the Neverhood. As you walk through the Neverhood you'll go through some odd things, like getting chased by a big green monster called a weasel, a fight between Robot Bil and a huge lizard monster, and your strange encounters with Willie Trombone, the funniest clay person ever to be in a computer game. You have to love this game. I haven't met one person who didn't like this game. The game is almost perfect. The only problem is when you beat the game, that's the end. There isn't anything else you can do afterwards. There is one thing, and that is to read the story in the Hall of Records, which is the whole story of the Neverhood. To read the whole thing would take about week, from the looks of it. Besides that, the only thing to do is play the game over, but the game's so good, you will want to play it over.

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