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The Final Fantasy series has become a big staple in the mobile RPG genre over the last few years.... posted Aug 3, 16 9:36pm

Square Enix has revealed a Season Pass for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, but the specifics of the... posted Aug 2, 16 7:54pm

Jul 15, 16 12:13am

wrote a user review for Kick Master (NES)


1992 was a pretty big year in gaming with so many innovative games that it’d make your head spin....

Jun 17, 16 5:18pm
added 2 cheats to Dragon Warrior IV (NES)

E3 is coming up, and gamers across the world can expect a number of new game announcements,... posted Jun 9, 16 1:38pm

Nintendo's cashing in on Monopoly collector's editions again. The tabletop genre is already seeing... posted May 23, 16 1:22pm

Having come to Nintendo's Wii U in December of last year, Minecraft: Wii U Edition has been... posted May 19, 16 5:33pm

The fans have voted. The experts have deliberated. The announcement has been made. At the end of... posted May 6, 16 11:58am

Apr 21, 16 6:56am

wrote a user review for Metal Storm (NES)


One of the biggest crimes in gaming is that Metal Storm never got as big as it had every right to...

Square Enix has revealed a few bonuses for fans who have already placed or plan on placing... posted Apr 17, 16 12:35pm

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