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Enter the Biggest Online World Around... and Bring Your Imagination!

The good:

~Huge, multilayered site, including hundreds of games, hidden avatars, mysteries to be solved, quests, items, places, and forums.
~Kid-friendly without sacrificing self-expression.
~Addictive! You'll never know how long it can take you to get bored of the site.
~Charming characters, storylines, and locales feel like an online storybook.

The bad:

~The word block can be very annoying at times, as it blocks quite a few non-swear words.
~The site has updated itself many times over the last few years, and older computers might not be able to keep up.
~Teenagers have little to do on the site, unless they're there for nostalgia's sake.
~Games can be glitchy, and the Neopoint system can be disrupted.


The year: 1999. The Internet: still making its way around the homes of people owning computers. Suddenly, children surfing the Internet find something strange. Is that... a blue cat? Yes, it is. Intrigued, they click on, and suddenly find themselves enjoying what would later become one of the most complex and fun kid's sites on the web.

The basis of Neopets is simple. You adopt cute little creatures, ranging from dogs with long stringy ears (Gelerts) to little fat aliens (Grundos). From there, you can buy clothes, food, toys, and books for your pet, paint them, even give them their ow...

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