Neopets: The Darkest Faerie Unlockables

Unlockable Stage
The Brightvale Library is a little difficult.But all you do is In the left corner right next to the door where you come in there is a switch.All you do is step on that switch,and the bookshelves will move,allowing you to get to one of the giant sparkling books up high.After you read that book,the bookshelves will move again allowing you to get to another,but different book that you need to read. After you read that one,the bookshelves will move again,and once more and then you can get to the book in the middle of the Library and after you read that book,Roberta,or Tor (whoever you are at this point) will have all the information he or she needs.After that you will have a new destination to get to.Good luck with the rest of your Journey!
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