Neopets: The Darkest Faerie Tips

Legend in Arena District!!!
This is EASY to do!!!

Step 1: Go to Arena District!!! (of coarse)
Step 2: Go inside the Colloseam.
step 3: Step on the square on the left and fight the enemies.
Step 4: Step on the square on the right and defeat the enemies.
Step 5: Step on the square in the center and then kill the remaining enemies.
Step 6: Go in the door and save the Legend and reap the rewards!! HORAY!!!
Step 7: Basck in the glory of your victory!!

Tip: Use Tor for the Brutes and Warriors. Use Roberta for the Wizards, magicitions, and any other flying enemies.
Tip: In the lanterns next to the guy who gave you the 500 neopoints are a Lava and fire mote.