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Neopets: The Darkest Faerie Tips

How 2 get 2 the Darkest Knight in Market Knight
ok so this part is hard it took me almost 3 weeks just 2 figure it out. Ok so what i did was i only defeated the 3 knights at the beginning so i can enter, then i ran past all the other ones, except the ones at the Black Knights Keepgrounds those i also defeated. Ok this is the part i got stuck on well what you do is there is a saving thing next 2 the door there are stairs well climb up them and then towards the left there is a latter and then you climb up that latter. You should see a giant pole touching the sky well use Tor and hit the pole. The pole will fall and you can grab on and climb over it like monkey bars. Then you see this huge gap in between the ground and the other side well you cant jump across so what can you do? Well there is a part of the wall that is chipped off, well grab on 2 that and then climb across. Once you do that you then fall into a minions jail. Well dont fight the minions just run to the latter and then youll be back up there again. Then there should be a narrow part where there is 1 knight and a minion well dont fight them just run into the door right there. But whatever you do do not jump because you will die. And all you have 2 do is press r1 and use the left analog 2 run fast and then you can pass through all the knights without having to waste your life. Dont defeat them just run, and eventually you will be in the room with the darkest knight. Just follow the other tips to defeat the Darkest knight.