Neopets: The Darkest Faerie Tips

Finding the legands before Altador
No a cheat not a glitch. The legands appear through out the game! And I'm here to tell you where they are...

Kelland: The techno at the beginning of the game (Act 1) who gives Tor the amulet.
Fauna: The cleaning servant. She instructs you on picking up the Miamice.
Torak: Tor's knightly teacher. The holder of Man at Arms.
King Altador: Randomly appears in the game.
Jerdana: Give Roberta the amulet in act 2.
Skeilth: The merchant in the crossroads to Merridale and Brightvale.

Well, thats all i do believe. Make sure you look out for them becuase they are important people.