Neopets: The Darkest Faerie Tips

Finding legand Jerdana: Part 3
Stated in my last one, you've obliviously completed the center platform in the Hero's Rest area. Now that you've gotten on the platform, its falling! OH NOES! No worries though! Just wait until it hits the bottom!

Now you're in a magical area where Jerdana's statue is standing in the center. Now those evil little button things have returned!

First switch to Roberta. Look around at each little statue button things with he symbols. This is just like the elemental mote chests. Match each color with the right mote.
Blue is bubble
Red is fire
Yellow is light
Purple is shadow
And the other one is wind.

HORRAY! You finally rescued Jerdana!!! Now go on and continue to the Hall of hero's and head to Faerie Land for the final battle!