Neopets: The Darkest Faerie Tips

Finding legand Jerdana: Part 2
Part 2 to my part 1. Maybe a part 3. WHO KNOWS! Now as stated in part 1, you've probably made it out the door from the chamber room in the Hero's Rest area. When you step on the platform outside the door, it starts falling. OH NOES! No worries though! Just wait until you get to thedoor at the bottom. When you get out, you'll notice that theres a large center figure (hexagon, pentagon, octagon. I'm not sure!). You'll see 6 areas. Check the map and remember what doo you start at. Run through each area.

In each area, you must find a floor switch that brings up rings of the platforms. But watch out for the magical minions that wanna eat you! A cloak may help but it all depends.

Ok! Thats about it for now! Just step on the completed platform and continue you're journey! Part 3 coming soon!