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Neopets: The Darkest Faerie Tips

Help on the Sewer Shrine (most commonly asked)
I see this EVERYWHERE! Everyone seems to be asking that magical question. NO ITS NOT "WHERE'S WALDO!"! Its "How do i get past the gosh darn sewer shrine!". I know it takes FOREVER! Maybe an eternity, but if I can do it, i think you can to. I will do a WHOLE little walk though for this.

Part one: The eyball maze! DX
This is hard. First when you get to the part, your character you're playing as(tor or roberta) will step on a black switch. An eye ball will open up where the exit is. You must find a tan-ish (or light cream brown) eyeball switch to press. When you do that, the eye ball with close and the bridge will open. Now you have to do the same for the next one. The 2 mazes after than get harder and harder. The 3rd, you must put on the brown cloak. Then step on the black switch. The eye ball will open and look around. The big brute minions will start walking around. Try not to get in there veiw, becuase if they hear or see you, the other switch wont work and you have to attack the minions before you can restart. The 4th has 2 bridge switches and you must do the same. But remember, DONT GET IN THERE VIEW! Or elese you must attack them and restart.

Part 2: The Kellend the Quick statue
This one's tough and i cant give to much out for this but just kinda guide you through it. When you enter, you'll see another eyeball (THERE THINGS ARE EVERYWHERE!). It will tick and start to close. You'll have 50 seconds to get to the switches and stop the bridge. The first one takes a while but its easy. First move a few boxes and jump off the cliff. I know, it sounds stupid, but when you come back, the boxes are already moved. Then move the other box all the way forward and twice to the side and jump off. Then run though to the last box that you moves, jump on and cimb over to the switch on the wall. After that, the door will open back up and you play as roberta on the jumpy trampolines. Be careful on the ledges becuase if you're not, you may fall off. When you get across, flip the switch and the door opens up. Then you go back to tor. His part is a little eaiser. First jump on the trampolines. Time the jumps to you can make it on the next one. Then you get to the highest one, jump on the zipline. Then time your drop so you land on the trampoline below it. Then contine on that until you see a (very poorly built) bridge. The flip the switch there. Now you're done with Tor. The you finally play as roberta with what appears to be hard. Its not hard! But you must act quick becuase it takes a while! Fist when you get to the top, jump on the zip line. When you get in veiw to the one next to it, press X and point the analog stick left. That should get roberta to the next one. Then climp the trampolines agian. Thewn you get to the highest one, face towards the wall and jump up there. Get on the zip line and drop when you reach the ledge. Then when you get on the next zipline, jump to each one. So its left, then right and drop when you get a little past the wall. Then turn around and flip the switch.

HORRAY! If you past that then you're done! Save your game and talk to kelland!

See? Its long but he's your only hope of getting to theh Darkest faerie.