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Neopets: The Darkest Faerie Tips

Mute Glitch: Watch out all bogshot people!
I discovered this a while ago and not sure what caused it. But if you get this glitch, you can stop it.

You know about the last bog berry. The black one. And you have to defeat the hissi to gain it. The tip to defeat him is to listen for the double hiss and hold up your sheild. Well heres the mute glitch. If you get it, the hissi wont hiss, roar, or anything. He'll stay silent, which makes it difficult to battle him(it was for me...)

Here are the two things you CAN do.
1. Battle him out. If he stands still and then lunges forward, hold the sheild up.

2. If your game is saved before, just jump somewhere deep and just suicide yourself. You'll go back to the save game and you can start over.