Neopets: The Darkest Faerie Cheats

How to get out of Tainted Meridell
When you go in, it is hard to avoid the Dark Knights. So if you get really beat up, and you don't have any juppies, then you should go to Tormunds "barkats" to get some sleep. Then when he wakes up, he will have full health. If you have a Potion Of Mercca Speed then that would be the time to use it. Run up to the 2nd level of the castle, go into the room to the left, then go down the hall to you'r right, then look to you'r left and pull down the switch. You might get swiped with the Dark Knight's sword when you are pulling it down though. Then turn around and run straight to the farthest door. Turn to you'right. The little metal door should be up.. Run over there. A vidio clip should start. Then when The Dark Faerie Sister's are chasing you, try to stay around the door, but DON'T STOP MOVING! If you stop, they will hit you with there blasts. Once the door's open, run through. They will block your exits. When this happens, stand behind the middle holder to the right. When they blast it, it should fall and knock over another. Climb up and run to the right. There will be a break in the rails. Jump off and another short clip will come up. You should be in the Main Hall. Then, once they block the draw bridge, stand beside the closest holder to the right hall way. Run down the hall and it will direct you to the dinning hall. Run to the holder at the far back right corner. Once they hit it, one of the little wooden door things will break. Jump in and run through the smoke until you find a door, run down that hall and you will be at level two in a few seconds!