Neopets: The Darkest Faerie Tips

Tor and Roberta
OK, here's a few tips about when to user Tormund and Roberta, and when not.

Always user Tor when you are.....
1. Fighting minions that DON'T fly
2. Cutting down grass
3. Defiting the Ixi Chiftain
4. Defiting the Draik Skeliton
5. Defiting the Werelupe King
6. Everything on level 1
7. Defiting Spite in Meridell castle on the 3rd level
8. Defiting all bandits except for the Thug
9. Defiting the Black Knight (for half the time)
10. Defiting Ixi Spearmen
Always use Roberta when you are....
1. Defiting two of the Darkest Faerie's Sirter's
2. Everything in level 2
3. Defiting the Gelert Assasian
4. Defiting the Thug
5. Defiting the Black Knight (for half the time)
6. Defiting Ixi Archers
7. Defiting minions that fly

And just think of all the things I'v missed! Now, I'm not saying that you HAVE to do everything this way, I'm just giving some tips. Hey, that's what this section is for eh?