Neopets: The Darkest Faerie Tips

Sneak Through the Bazaar District
There is a way to get through the Bazaar District without being caught by monsters. This is a round-about way of getting to the shrine, but it's worth it.
Before doing anything, I suggest putting on the brown cloak. Start by walking down the flight of stairs to the right (the stairs that are connected to the Hall of Heros building). Once you are a the bottom, go down the closest street, but be careful. When you see the brown monster, stop and look to the right. Walk straight to the city wall and turn left onto the street. Continue along on the path and don't turn left. Follow this same street until you have the choise to go left or right. Turn right and walk directly through the circular paved walkway. Do not walk toward the monsters. Follow this path yet again, but stop at the bottom of the steps. Turn left and walk into the Bazaar building, which is on the right. Go straight through the building and immediately turn right. Walk up the steps and you have found the entrance to the shrine.
If you have followed the instructions correctly, then you should still be alive and healthy, and possibly even have a few more motes.